Monday, August 27, 2007

Houseboats forced to pick up anchor

Billy Joel sang "There ain't no Island left for islanders like me" nearly 20 years ago.

Soon there will be even less Long Island on the north shore:

For decades, the flotilla of houseboats hidden behind a row of marinas on Manhasset Bay here have weathered hurricanes, deep freezes and the buildup of mud on the bottom.

Fears of Development Ruffle Long Island Houseboat Haven

Manorhaven, on Long Island, is home to 55 houseboats.
But now the owners — whose 55 floating homes constitute the largest such community remaining on Long Island — fear a new threat that, in this area of high property values, seems more powerful than any act of God: development.

The mayor of this village, Nicholas B. Capozzi, is pushing a plan to open the area, long zoned for commercial marine use, for residential development. The boat-dwellers say this will allow luxury condominiums to rise at the marinas where they dock, leaving them without their boat slips.

Now luxury condos are pushing people out to sea.


Anonymous said...

Long Island is what it is because of boats, fishing and the water that surrounds it. Shame what it's becoming.

Anonymous said...

At least the move will be easy.
Avast.....cut loose the mooring lines
and keep careful watch on the horizon me hearties.
Captain Jack Sparrow sails these waters!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the growing gang problem.

Anonymous said...

That area is a slum. Most those run down houseboats are filled with illegals. They flooding our schools district with kids, use our sevices. To add they live like pigs and do not pay 1 cent in tax.
People have had it with them.
My school tax has doubled to $6000 a year due to all these Mestizos.
The news people wont report that that side of it

Anonymous said...

Joe.......if you don't like your high Nassau county can always move somewhere else.

I guess that your utopia has developed
some major cracks in it.

A lot of folks who took flight from NYC
are now suffering our same "ills"
but paying much more for the privilege.

Anonymous said...

MS 13 (a particularly vicious gang) etc.
have made Long Island their home.

Home invasions have become much more
of a suburban threat these days.

Anonymous said...

manorhaven's mayor caught in fracial rants as well as letting friends break zoning laws..these are the same friends that are developing the waterfront. The gangs are now MS13,Bloods,Crips &the Latin Kings Mayor Capozzi won't go after the gangs he is too busy ticketing the honest hard working people that live there. There is a former code officer that has been battling capozzi for years now and he has helped countless people with no support from the community..he is Earl Grenfeld he went to court with me and presented my case and it was dismissed. he informed me that the manorhaven Municipal Code book was never approved by albany and therefore did not exist and my ticket was dismissed on those grounds.One person can't fight for all of us without a little help. he broke the CBS Scottweinberger story channel 2 News Racial Rants of a mayor caught on tape the Mayor stated he wanted to rig the village of all f...N spanyolee's Ginny's etc. Why after that is Capozzi still in office? He is a giscrace. Let's help each other and 1 Guy who cares get back our village to what it was and not what it has become.