Sunday, August 26, 2007

Avella vs. Crescent crap

Rego Park civic members and City Councilman Tony Avella (D-Bayside) are calling on the city Department of Buildings to investigate an out-of-character home in the neighborhood which they say violates zoning regulations and should be brought up to code or torn down.

The beige-bricked house, a detached two-family at 64-24 Asquith Crescent in Rego Park, is built up to the property line, according to Avella, which he said is "a clear violation" of zoning rules.

Avella asks city to probe out-of-character houses

Avella and members of the Rego Park Crescent Association held a news conference at the site of the home Saturday to urge Buildings to inspect the home and audit its plans.

But the owner of the building in question, Albert Bababzhanov, said the home was built legally despite the Buildings Department putting a stop-work order on it. He contended neighbors have been harassing him about the house.


Anonymous said...

I feel Albert Bababzhanov is guilty. He likely broke the building laws of NYC, & endangered pedestrians by doing so.

He also is a culprit in eradicating the flavor of the Rego Park Crescents. In its entirety, the Rego Park Crescents was a superb model of urban planning upon completion, with its dominant Tudor homes and detached Colonials.

I wish Councilman Tony Avella & the Rego Park Crescents Association good luck in their attempt to rezone the neighborhood, and alter/condemn the intrusive home.

Anonymous said...

Another Russ-kie screw-skie job ?

Some arrogant law breakers think they're exempt
from being required to adhere to the building codes
of New York City!

Tear it down!

Anonymous said...

I like the home

young families need space and that place is pretty nice, you have to admit

Anonymous said...

No, kids need a yard to play in. Not a McMansion full of expensive toys.

Anonymous said...

Babadzhanov feels that his "American Dream" is more important than the character of the neighborhood in which he lives.

Unfortunately, this neighborhood is represented by Katz, not Avella.

Anonymous said...

"I like the home young families need space and that place is pretty nice, you have to admit"

So nitwit, buy a damn house that can accomodate your family, or if your home is too small for your family, either move or practice birth control.

'Practice birth control', my goodness my gracious, that is a good suggestion for some of the forces behind immmigration, now itsn't it?

Anonymous said...

Why is it that new Americans have no respect for our communities?

Instead of anti-litter, anti-noise, pro-preservtion campaigns, all we hear is how they have 'improved our communities', 'revititalized our shopping areas', etc etc etc.

Machine sponsored BS. Tweeding to the first degree.

The machine may have 'bought' their support but at the cost of losing everyone else's respect. Go ahead fellows, your campaign against the voters and taxpayers of your communties to tweed people like this guy is going to come back to haunt you someday big time.

Anonymous said...

To our good friend's neighbors, write to your elected officials, city agencies, and your community board.

Let ol Crappie know their response and your reaction to their response.

We will publish it gleefully.

Anonymous said...

This house looks just as nice or nicer than the other houses on this same block. If the owner wants more house and less yard space, who are you to tell him otherwise?

Queens Crapper said...

We are the people of the city of New York who abide by the zoning and building laws. Who the hell is he to break them?

Anonymous said...

I am sensing lots of hypocrisy (among other things, such as prejudice and bigotry, but that's another matter) on this particular post. The same people here who consider the zoning laws so sacred in this instance have no problem criticizing a multi-family house built next to single-family homes, even if the zoning laws permit it. I am more disturbed with that situation than a person building a nice, bigger one-family home on a block with other modest homes. If he violated a zoning regulation, he should have to fix it and pay a fine. If not, I don't see anything wrong with it.

Anonymous said...

He wants to violate the law?

Tear the house down at the owner's expense.

Stick the owner with fines, expenses, lawsuits, and destroy the house.

Anonymous said...

As a resident of Bayside, I wish Tony would spend more problem addressing issues in this district. I know he's running for mayor, but that does not excuse his showboating in other parts of queens.

Anonymous said...

Tear the crap down! Stop Katz from sucking up to Bababzanov. You go, Avella!

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to grass, trees, obeying NYC laws, utilizing solid building materials, & respecting thy neighbor?

We frown upon your unethical behavior. This is NOT a third world country, so you have 2 choices:

1. Obey the government & the public (majority)


2. Get the hell out!

Anonymous said...

Katz caters to her "new" constituency......
arriving daily from the borders
of the former Soviet Union with sacks of $$$$$$$
for her political campaigns no doubt!

Any laundered mob money in those bags perhaps?

I'm sure that the Department of Homeland Security would be interested.
If anyone suspects any hanky-panky......
give them a call as I have.
They get right on the case unlike DOB!

Anonymous said...

It's not his "American dream," it's his "Uzbeki dream."

Anonymous said...

I think the DOB is corrupt anyway. They allow monstrosities like the windowless, illegally barbecuing fire trap King David "restaurant" (mob den?) look at their craptastic Website

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid that Forest Hills has been selected
as the new home of the eastern block mob.
Brighton Beach was the first!

Anonymous said...

Hey claiming to be "a resident of Bayside".....
you smell more like Peter Boudouvis (or friend) to me.

Still can't get over being schlonged by Avella in the last city council race eh? !!!

Anonymous said...

Brighton Beach does not identify with them. They merely speak the same language. They fly the flag of Israel.
Ironically, even the traditional jewish communities do not identify with them.
With neighbors like these, it is not hard to see why people have such a negative impression regardless of where they are from.

Anonymous said...

And yet they wouldn't be able to do any of this without paying off our Department of Buildings and police. So you can thank corrupt NYC government (or lack thereof)

Anonymous said...

Hate to have to educate unwashed masses like this last poster but the NYPD DOES NOT have the authority to enforce Building Code Violations. Kindly have the facts before slandering a honorable group of men and women. Thank you.

Anonymous said...


"Givner also said that stop work orders are filed with the local NYPD precinct, which has responsibility for enforcing them."

2 Hurt, Yet 16th St. Demolition Continued

I believe our esteemed mayor also signed into law a bill that made the NYPD responsible for enforcement of stop work orders.

Anonymous said...

After the 112th Precinct ignores your complaint forwarded by 311, and you feel compelled to call their non-emergency number, they will do anything just to get you off the phone.

Anonymous said...

"Unwashed masses"?
"....slandering a honorable group of men and women."?

And who would this "honorable group" be? Tell the unwashed masses who they are.
And why do you assume they will defend someone such as Mr. Bababzhanov? Would Mr. Bababzhanov not do the same if I were his neighbor, and from his same "honorable group"? Would I surely support his actions just because we are of the same group?

The few insensitive remarks posted above are ignorant and childish, but your generalization of implied support among a "group" is absolutely ridiculous.

The NYPD does indeed enforce stop work order violations. Kindly get your facts straight before generalizing and stereotyping a truly honorable group of men and women. Do not associate this inconsiderate miscreant with them.

Anonymous said...

These people are insular low class
tribal exclusionary isolationists.
I don't care whose flag they fly or what language
they speak.

Dyed in the wool religious extremists
are the ones causing trouble all over the world.

I don't have to kiss the asses of those recently arrived
who are inflicting their medieval attitudes
on my neighborhood!

This is America....
the land of separation of religion and state!

Anonymous said...

Note on birth control:

There are many families of certain sects
of (I believe) orthodox Jews who receive
NYC welfare payments because they can't afford
the number of children they've brought into the world.

Anonymous said...

There's welfare fraud amongst all ethnic groups. That's not the problem here.

Anonymous said...

I did not say "welfare fraud".
Read more carefully previous poster.
Your comprehension skills need some polishing up.

Anonymous said...

Balki, Borat or just those old TV
"wild and crazy guys".....
They foul our wells and date our chickens!

Anonymous said...

I still think that Peter Boudouvis
looked like Fred Munster (Frankenstein monster)
on his campaign posters
when he ran against Avella.

Maybe that's why he lost the election......
h-m-m-m.....wadda ya