Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Cromwell Crescent crap

Have a quaint little cottage in the Rego Park crescents but want to show your neighbors just how gaudy your taste is?

Well, then replace your house with a pink McMansion! In the process, make sure you really stick it to 'em by performing illegal work. Make sure their view of your castle is not obstructed by a construction fence. Orange plastic netting will do the trick. It may cost you a bit more in fines, but don't fret - remember, you have money, which is why you're building this in the first place.


Anonymous said...

Good taste or bad taste-new construction will bring the value of all houses up. You should be offended by the garbage on 63rd drive not by the well being of your neighbours.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the value of all houses will go up because people would want to buy near these houses. Who doesn't want to be near owners who build up to (or beyond) their property lines, and build ridiculous high walls decorated with cheap stainless steel?

Neighbors? Dept of Buildings? F-ck them. I do what I like. I have money. This is free country.

Anonymous said...

Dear friend,
Classic Eurosexy dacha style is wave of future.

Rego Park #1 Millionaire Mansion now offering special this month. Six foot stainless gate come with free moat and drawbreedge. Boiling oil extry. Sergei not made of money!

Anonymous said...

"Good taste or bad taste-new construction will bring the value of all houses up."

Oh, and you are the product of what architectural school?

What examples of bad-taste brings up values?

Or do you simply feel you can make comments like that, secure that the preservation community has never embarked on a public education campaign for keeping up property values?

Anonymous said...

Double doors, quoined corners and, oh yes,
those "klassy" entrance balustrades!

Borat's dream castle!

The Duke of Dacha has arrived.
(Probably a former low level commissar putting on airs
with his stolen wealth from the former USSR)!

Anonymous said...

So I set aside some Rubles......
(1 for me....3 for Soviet Republic).

Now, thanks to my Red Star Retirement Fund,
I have brought me fine dream house.

Now me looking for blond big breasted American wife
to share palace with.

Hey girls....
me strong as Volga boatman!