Friday, August 31, 2007

Development complaints skyrocket

Construction complaints dialed into the city's 311 and 911 hotlines have soared in development-obsessed Greenpoint, Williamsburg and downtown Brooklyn.

Development complaints on the rise

From a crane collapsing onto Metropolitan Ave. to falling debris, 784 emergency calls involving mishaps in Greenpoint and Williamsburg flooded 911 switchboards - a 300% jump from 2003, when a zoning overhaul was approved.

In downtown Brooklyn, the number of emergency complaints soared to 554, more than double the number tallied in 2003.

"The developers are going nuts," said Williamsburg activist Phil DePaolo. "It's a combination of a lot of development with no oversight by the Department of Buildings whatsoever."

Even the number of nonemergency complaints dialed into the city's 311 hotline skyrocketed - with 1,662 construction complaints recorded last year, up from just 487 in 2003.


Anonymous said...

Lets see all the politicians do the "Craw-ley"

It an odd dance, when you do not know all the moves or certainly what to say, but want your partner to know that you feel their pain after stepping on their toes and jabbing them in the ribs.

Anonymous said...

Williamsburg is going to be absolutely destroyed. This is what happens: people move to a neighborhood and then whatever neighborhood character attracted them is soon completely gone.