Sunday, August 19, 2007

Bayside crap corner

The corner of 36th Ave and 215th Street was once a beautiful open space with an L-shaped one-family house in its northwestern corner.
Now it's being prepared to host a few piles of crap.


Anonymous said...

How about running a contest for the ugliest
set of brick-box barracks to fill up this property?

No need..... whatever gets built here
will be sure to top off the crap list !

And you Baysiders thought you were immune
to the the shit piles
that plague your adjacent neighborhoods !

Time to remove your heads from the sand.....
or wherever else you've been keeping them
all this time!

Anonymous said...

What makes you such an expert on Bayside, bub? Attend some civic association and community board meetings here and you'll see that residents here fight over development just as hard as those in other Queens districts.

Anonymous said...

It is becoming increasingly clear that simply complaining about example after example gets us no where.

It is clear that we have nothing in place to stop this, from Queens civic organizations, to the city-wide preservation groups.

It is clear that people want a change, big time. Massive addition to population does nothing for the people that live here while in the same breath, municipal services and quality of life are declining do to overdevelopment.

Now, what is to be done?

Anonymous said...

Give the city powers to enforce laws against the illegal immigration. END SANCTUARY CITIES!!! Check out Rep. Tom Tancredo's news conference tomorrow in Newark where ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION caused the deaths of 3 college students in the playground. LESSEN THE POPULATION! DO NOT INCREASE IT!!!

Anonymous said...

recipe for tasty crap

1c shady realtor
1c unknown private money source
1c criminal builder w/same name as
1c cheap & shoddy construction
1c pro cert/self cert architect
1c nyc buildings department not
responsible(see pro cert)
stir above in'greed'ients quickly,
before neighbors notice the smell.

leave the fresh pile of crap in a nice queens neighborhood.

repeat for more tasty crap

Anonymous said...

I've been watching those insular
"my-shit-is-tastier-than-ice-cream" Baysiders
with their noses held high in the air since 1955...."bub"!

How long have you lived there?

The "fighting" has only been relatively recent old boy !

Anonymous said...

I've lived in Bayside for quite awhile. I've found people here to be friendly and pretty down to earth, at least in comparison to people in Manhattan where I work. There was a time in my life when I had a similar attitude towards people like you do. I was renting at the time and struggling to pay my bills, and also had a crummy boss to deal with. At that time everyone seemed stuck up and full of themselves to me. I even used to get bent out of shape if people didn't give me right of way when I was walking down a sidewalk. Well anyway no hard feelings. No need for neighbors to be squabbling.

Anonymous said...

"Relatively recent"?? Baysiders have been fighting development for DECADES. What about the DozerBusters in the early 80's? That's not recent, "old boy".

Although I don't know why I'm wasting my time, you're obviously just jealous of Bayside.