Friday, August 24, 2007

Soaked by tweeders

“We are the city of New York, for us to be shut down because it rained is unaccept- able. There is a clear need for an updated infra- structure in our borough.”

“The big picture is development. If we keep building multi-family homes [then] maybe we need a larger diameter pipe to handle the rain.”

Find out which developer's best friend said what: Need Billions To Fix Queens Flooding

Leaders want sewer upgrades

Avella said part of the problem lies with the city taking away natural drainage areas and replacing them with multimillion-dollar developments without upgrading the surrounding infrastructure, such as the sewer system, to support the new additions. He pointed to the city's plans to eventually develop the site of what was Flushing Airport in College Point, which acts as a natural flood plane to protect residents in the surrounding community.

South Queens Speaks: Flooding, mosquitoes plague Tudor Village

"Is it fair to live with a foot of water and toxic mold?" said resident Frank Siniscalchi. "Is it fair to live with bad smells and sickness? Do we have to live with this indefinitely?"

Photo from Queens Courier


georgetheatheist said...

Hey Katz...let's make a deal...receive pay-offs, I mean contributions , from sewer contractors. Win-win for everybody, no?

Anonymous said...

Thank you very' slut Katz!

You're the poster child of a city council member who's taken huge amounts of campaign money from developers.....and now you're getting religion and seeing the light at the 11th hour ?

If you would have listened to your constituents' complaints about over development and inadequate infrastructure instead of your loose canoodling
with the real estate moguls all these years.....
something might have been accomplished
to alleviate the bad situation that now exists !

Now you may stand up
from your previous bent over position
and rub a little salve on your knees!

Anonymous said...

Unlike some other boroughs,
everybody and his mother knows
that Queens got screwed
with an inadequate sewer system many years ago thanks to one of our many crooked borough presidents.

Result......we have only ONE PIPE
to handle rain and piss water
instead of the two we were supposed to get.

So if a catch basin backs up on the street guess what else floats out onto our sidewalks ?

Anonymous said...

Pardon my French....

Katz is the builders' "pussy" !