Tuesday, August 21, 2007

State lawn litter bill becomes law

The pizzeria, barber shop or delicatessen down the street will be banned from dropping their advertisements at buildings that post a sign saying unauthorized fliers are not welcome. Violators will rack up fines between $250 and $1,000 per violation.

Sponsors of the law say the circulars not only create litter but are also a safety hazard.

Law takes on takeout menus, fliers

The city will wait to enforce the law until the Legislature reconvenes in the fall, [Assemblyman Mark] Weprin said.

That's because city lawmakers want to modify the law for multi-family buildings. Under the change, if some tenants still want menus, the owner can post a sign indicating how many residents want the advertisements and where they should be dropped.

New State Bill Could Curb Unwanted Fliers With Fines


Anonymous said...

Now if we could only prevent those
bastard sons of bitches "developers"
from littering our neighborhoods
with their ugly Mc Mansions !

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to this, now what about posting on poles and mailboxes and the like?

HANAC, Astoria's answer to NYU and Colombia in massive out of scale blockbusting development , has been posting ESL flyers on every damn pole in the community.


Anonymous said...

The fatal flaw in this "protective" legislation is the requirement that property owners must post notices to specify that the flyers, menus, and bags of ads are unwanted.

The notices will be ugly, and removed by the distributors. The legislation must be repaired so that it prohibits all the litter unless a property owner invites it in writing.

Better still, the legislation needs to be modeled after the "do not call" legislation. Let the state maintain a registry of property owners who want no litter. Let the punishment be frightening - say, $1000 per single violation of a property owner's request.

Anonymous said...

Oddly enough I'm one of the few who actually like getting the weekly circulars to see what sales are at the stores. And yet I never get any. While the 3 vacant monstrosities next door to me have tons of old circulars strewn all over the properties. I've told them many times not to drop them there because the houses are empty. Strange also - because the fronts of the houses are boarded up...duh! Guess it would help if those delivering this crap would speak and understand English!!

Anonymous said...

This is Law is useless unless it's enforceable. In my neighborhood of Ozone Park we've had signs up since the beginning of the year, and the distributors just ignore them. Even though we've complained countless times.

Anonymous said...

I found a website that says it's launching soon that has exactly what I think we need. It's a registry that is providing free signs to homeowners and passing the do-not-deliver info on to the distributors. let's see a ditrributor claim ignorance when it can be PROVEN that they knew!! The site is www.stoplawnlitter.org

Anonymous said...

I went to the site and got on a list to tell me when they begin operating. It was EASY!