Monday, August 20, 2007

Guttman getting away with it

The notorious Brooklyn landlord who owns the Greenpoint Terminal Market that burned down under mysterious circumstances last year continues to push new development projects even while facing millions of dollars in fines related to his scandal-scarred past, a Post investigation has found.


Joshua Guttman and his family owe the city at least $59,000 in unpaid Department of Buildings fines - much dating back over a decade - and more than $52,000 in outstanding property taxes, a review of city records shows.

His company also faces $4.7 million in fines stemming from misdemeanor charges of failing to maintain piers and bulkheads on the western edge of his 21-acre warehouse complex on the Greenpoint waterfront. Guttman is expected back in a Brooklyn courtroom Thursday on those charges.

A Post visual inspection of the charred complex's piers by boat yesterday showed no apparent repairs 2½ years after the violation.

8/27/07 - Update from Brooklyn Eagle:

Developer Faces Criminal Charges for Neglecting Historic Greenpoint Market


Anonymous said...

What happened to placing liens on properties
owing vast unpaid fines ?

Oh we like Guttman first pay off politicos before they pay their fines.....and that's just OK with the city !

Anonymous said...

Why is this extensive corruption allowed? Does the city not even function anymore?

Anonymous said...

Corruption is what greases the wheels
of New York City politics!

And us poor residents aren't even offered
the civilized courtesy of even a little dab of Vaseline
before these political crooks have their way with us!

Anonymous said...

What he owes in fines is a drop in the bucket compaired to what he uses in city resources (read taxpayers money) to push forward his projects.

Hell, it wouldn't pay more than a few months of a city planner to come out to LIC and sit down with the communty board, local developers, and 'elected' officials and conspire how to displace a community.