Monday, August 20, 2007

Parks flip-flops on U.S. Open parking plan

Despite promises last month that there would be no parking on grass land at Flushing Meadows Park during the U.S. Open and Mets games this year, Parks Department officials admitted this week that it probably will happen the weekend of Sept. 7-9.

City Flip-Flops Over Parking Plan

A spokesperson from the Parks Department said on Monday that areas of Flushing Meadows south of the Long Island Expressway, near Meadow Lake, will be used “as a last resort,” once all existing parking lots are full. The official noted that following the events, the land would be reseeded.

Photo from Queens Chronicle


Anonymous said...

Thats not a park. Its a giant bowl for the whole city to shit in.

Anonymous said...

I say let your dogs run loose in the park
(in accordance with Benepe's edicts)
to crap all over the parking area so the tennis set
can ruin their Gucci loafers as the step out
of their vehicles into the awaiting coiled piles!

I say.....Biff and Muffy are sure gonna experience
a new brand of shoe ? !!!

Anonymous said...

As usual, Benepe and the Commissar lie in unison.

Anonymous said...

The worst part of this is that the city says they will spend taxpayer money re-seeding. Then they will ruin it again next year. And spend more money. If you're not going to stop parking there, just pave it already and be done. I don't like it, but it's better than being lied to and ripped off.

Anonymous said...

Some of you love complaining about this but no one proposes a reasonable alternative. The US Open and the Mets bring substantial economic and reputational benefits to Queens and NYC. The alternative cannot be to just not provide for parking. It seems that the city is doing all it can to minimize parking on the grass, but due to the new stadium construction and both the Mets game and the tennis matches happening on the same days, some parking is necessary. This will only be an issue for this year and next year, and I think that parking cars on some limited grassy areas is a small detriment when compared to all the benefits Queens gets from the US Open.

Anonymous said...

The last poster
(obviously a USTA/Mets etc. spokesman)
fails to grasp that this
WOULD NOT be permitted
in Central park!