Friday, August 17, 2007

Blasting away at explosives

Builders in the city may face new restraints on construction that requires the use of explosives. A proposed City Council bill would tighten regulations on blasting permits and shorten the duration that contractors would be allowed to blast from three years to three months.

City Builders May Face Added Restrictions

Speaker Christine Quinn said that after the retaining wall collapsed, she and other council members began reviewing the city's laws related to the use of explosives on construction sites.

"The truth is, they're not very good," she said. "The truth is they really leave it up to luck."


[She] announced at the site yesterday that she will introduce a bill next month to overhaul the permit process and hold builders accountable.


Anonymous said...

They're not using dynamite in Queens
yet builders like Tommy Huang
still get away with undermining adjacent buildings' foundations.....particularly 2 FDNY firehouses !

What are you going to do about that Speaker Quinn?

Yeah......we already know.....nothing !

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding....
Clairol Christine would sooner expose her "privates" than "out" a crooked builder !

After all sh'es also in the "service" business
just like "sister" Katz !