Thursday, August 23, 2007

More firefighters hurt at Deutsche building

Part of the scaffolding that surrounded a condemned ground zero skyscraper fell Thursday, injuring two firefighters, the Fire Department said.

Equipment Falls off WTC Building; 2 Firefighters Injured

Fire Department spokesman Frank Gribbon said scaffolding fell from the north side of the building facing the World Trade Center site shortly before 2 p.m. He said the firefighters were hospitalized in stable condition, one with a head injury.

City officials said a piece of equipment fell from a high floor on the north side of the building through a sidewalk shed, injuring the firefighters who were standing underneath the shed.

Firefighters Injured By Falling Equipment At Deutsche Bank Building

Just when you think this can't turn into more of a major fiasco... notice how they still can't get the story straight.

New Construction Accident at the Deutsche Bank Building

Photo from 1010WINS


Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta was once the Commissioner of the Administration for Children's Services.

At ACS, Scoppetta dithered as children were abused to death in horrible numbers. Now he dithers as Firefighters are killed in neglected buildings.

At ACS, we again have a careless moron, John B. Mattingly, who has himself dithered while at least 10 children have died under his direction.

At the head of the Moron Committee we have Commissar Bloomberg whose only concern for the children and Firefighters killed is that he doesn't have to spend too much time away from the precious people to see to the protection of these "little people".

So, Commissar Ditherer praises these two death merchants to try to head off the litigation.

sparky said...

FDNY brass tells the local firehouse not to do BI(building inspection)at the Deutsche building due to the contamination.Why was the builiding never inspected by the FDNY Hazmat teams.FDNY hazmat teams are firemen specially trained in hazardous materials,this would have been an excellent real life,not training situation,and many of the violations could have been found and rectified before a loss of lives occured.