Monday, August 20, 2007

Overdevelopment causing loads of garbage

Some of the overflow blame lies with landlords, not the city, according to Gary Giordano, district manager of Community Board 5 in Queens. Last month, his Ridgewood district had the dirtiest sidewalks in the borough.


"It's not a reflection on people behaving badly. Too many tenants live above stores, and the landlord does not give them any place to store their garbage," he said.

With the traditional basement trash rooms now taken over by retail or even new apartments, people are dumping their household trash in the litter baskets. Even small businesses, like law or accounting firms, have been dumping documents in the baskets, Giordano said.

Great! Let's invite a million more people to live in the city.


Anonymous said...

Maybe placing a ring
of these overflowing garbage cans
around the base of the Statue of Liberty
will give the phrase "wretched refuse"
a whole new meaning !

In anticipation of a negative reply
to my comment.....

No....I'm not a racist!

But I do believe in a
balanced level of immigration.....
in an amount that NYC can properly absorb
and well maintain!

Anonymous said...

Don't foget, people no longer move to Queens to set down roots, but to work for a few months, send all their money to Mexico or where ever, and then move on.

So if you can park a car on lawn, block a drive way, etc etc who cares?

As a member of the tweeded, you are secure that the papers and politicians will always look favorably on you.

Anonymous said...

That photo reminds me of Flushing.

Anonymous said...

To hell with Flushing.
This looks like a third world street corner!

Anonymous said...

If the Department of Sanitation would empty these baskets everyday there would not be a problem.

Anonymous said...

The really cool thing is the politicans get to put their name of garbage cans ... and are proud of it!!

Anonymous said...

One of the problem the article fails to point out are the lazy sanitation workers in NYC. So many times, I've seen them failing to pick up ALL of the trash at curb on garbage day. Why? Because they are too lazy to walk back and forth to the same curb twice.

After moving to another state, I'm 100% please with the sanitation service here because they pick up everything regardless of how big or small.