Friday, August 24, 2007

Rally against the Jamaica Plan


This Sunday, August 26th, at 12 noon, at 87-80 191st Street in Hollis, Councilman David Weprin will be organizing a press conference/rally against the proposed Jamaica Rezoning Plan. Less than 2 days after the City Council's Land Use Committee affirmatively voted for the plan (with minor adjustments to be approved by City Planning before it gets to the full Council for vote on Sept 10th) developers have been knocking on doors trying to get property owners to sign over their residencies. The pitfalls of this flawed plan are already starting to take effect. Join Councilman Weprin in his protest. The location for the rally is significant because it is one of the sites where developers have already tried to buy up the property. All are welcome, the stronger a front we display, the greater the likelihood we can convince City Planning to change their plans.

Austin Shafran
Director of Communications
Council Member David Weprin
212-788-6984 (o)
212-608-6382 (f)

Councilman Weprin's district office can be reached at (718) 465-8202 or e-mail Austin Shafran


georgetheatheist said...

For what it's worth: If I'm not mistaken, Austin Shafran is the son of Phyllis Shafran, former factotum of indicted Assemblyman Brian McLaughlin...The Machine Lives!

Anonymous said...

Thats great, so we can guess how far this initiative will go then.

Can't we find anyone that is not tainted for Christ's sake.

A boro of over two million and we see the same tired glib faces over and over again.

Anonymous said...

We need this rally against the Jamaica Plan. Be thankful someone is holding it.

Haven't you noticed that the NY Times never wrote the story until this point?

The infrastructure is not there to support this folly, and think of the ghettoes that can be created with the affordable housing up to half a mile away from the luxury housing. The Borough President was adamantly against allowing affordable housing that wasn't on site.

Ask your councilmember to vote against this plan.

Anonymous said...

"The Borough President was adamantly against allowing affordable housing that wasn't on site."

Oh yeah? so where is she on the hosing the Queenbridge folks are getting on that Suna East River private land grab?

Anonymous said...

"Ask your councilmember to vote against this plan."

Only if you come into western Queens and tell us the same story you tell the folks in Jamaica.

Don't expect support from us it you are simply going to push the development into the 'Wild West.'

Anonymous said...

And Phyllis Shafran is an old "Manes girl" we're told !

Anonymous said...

When push comes to shove....
B.P. Marshal will give the green light to any development project that increases density
(and lines her pockets in the preocess) !

She's a product of the real estate boys
and a house servant for the building industry!