Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Why the city looks so damn dirty

From the Daily News:

The city has decided to demote 100 supervisors at the Department of Sanitation as as way to boost the number of sanitation workers available to pick up trash and plow snow...

Under the plan, released today by Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith and Sanitation Commissioner John Doherty, an additional 100 supervisory positions will be eliminated through attrition. The city will hire 100 new sanitation workers to beef up its depleted ranks.

City officials said the move will save about $20 million a year.

Joseph Mannion of the Sanitation Officers Association said the union is considering legal action to stop the demotions.

Last week, the Daily News reported that the number of sanitation workers had dropped under 5,800 - the lowest number in years. Harry Nespoli, head of the Uniformed Sanitationmen’s Association, said he was concerned that the department would not have enough manpower to tackle a big snowstorm.

The city has hired just 200 sanitation workers in the past two years, while hundreds more have retired.


Anonymous said...

Sorry folks, the DS workers have the worst job and I respect these folks. I marvel at how they are able to pick up the trash on their routes each day - I could not and don't do this job but I wanted to single out how well they the DS does this difficult job in my neck of the woods in Elmhurst.

Anonymous said...

The city could take simple steps to keep it's streets and roadways cleaner and minimize vermin and rats.

Make putting trash at the curb in garbage cans. People no longer use trash bags especially renters - they simply throw their little kitchen bag brought home from the grocery store at the curb.
THE CITY SHOULD SUGGEST cost effective solutions not fire 100 supervisors that in an earlier time their hiring was trumpeted at a solution to another problem.

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg pushed a reckless tsunami of development and the city looks like hell. So much garbage everywhere infrastructures shot to hell. Streets better in colonial times...

Anonymous said...

Like the demoted officers are going to do anything anyway. DS just put 200 empty suits on the streets.

In other cities around the country incinerators do the job of burning trash.The technology for clean burning is there.

Bring back metal trash containers (Remember garbage cans?).

When the truck is full it goes to the dump with both employees. How about one of'em stays behind on their route with a broom to sweep the streets. and oh yeah kill the 2 hour coffee breaks at local deli's

Unanimous said...

IMHO, the City should privatize a portion of this and start better enforcement of the illegal dumping and littering. As far as I can see, a lot of people don't care about living in a dump, so make em pay!!!!

Big Hairy Balls said...

The city looks so damn dirty because people are littering again. Good luck trying to change it.

Anonymous said...

Another words, "Cutting out the excess waste of manpower.[peoplepower]. Demoted, or change of title? also, recycling, haven't mention any titles in this category. As a taxpayer, my money should not go to picking up trash from illegal apartments. Who enforces the laws established by the people, for the people? D.S. is taking garbage from everyone! NYC should install garbage disposals in every building! "Waste not, want not!"

Anonymous said...

People throw trash even though there are trashcans every block! If people just throw garbage away we wouldn't need to pay tax money to clean up. Quite amazing seeing people just drop stuff on the ground.

Anonymous said...

I've seen several houses where people have given up trying to keep up with the amount of trash people are leaving as they walk past and have garbage bags hanging from their fences as a subtle hint to drop their fast food into them as opposed to throwing them down at the base of a tree or in the curb.

I refuse to do this. I've installed a camera and have caught the same people time and time again dropping litter as they walk down the block. A nice, so-called "gentrified" block.

When I see them for real I will dump the garbage onto their heads.

This city has turned into a steaming pile of festering crap.

Bloomberg, go fuck yourself, you whining useless wimp.