Friday, October 29, 2010

Ackerman goes apeshit

Press release from Milano campaign:

(Queens, NY) – Rep. Gary Ackerman was present at a Candidates Night Debate at the Palace Diner in Queens, hosted by Queensborough Hill Civic Association along with his Republican opponent, Dr. James Milano and Liz Berney running on the Taxpayers Revolt Line. The original format of opening statements by the candidates followed by rebuttals and questions to the candidates to be read from pre-written cards from the audience was turned on its head as Ackerman became increasingly antagonistic and in a disgraceful show of contempt for his constituents, stormed out of the room before answering any questions.

The hour long event was often heated and passionate, punctuated by periodic interruptions from hecklers in the crowd of about 60 folks composed of both Milano and Ackerman supporters. The most chilling moment occurred when Ackerman interrupted Milano’s presentation and threatened to sue him for libel. This occurred during Milano’s statement, when he mentioned Ackerman’s well documented ethics violations in Congress. The alleged violation stems from Ackerman’s use of his political influence to help enrich a company he invested in. While promoting the technology of defense contractor, Xenonics in his congressional office, he made a no-money-down purchase of private stock in the firm and reaped windfall profits from the shady deal. In addition, subsequent use of his campaign re-election funds to pay personal legal fees to extricate himself from the ethics violations may be legitimate grounds for criminal charges in violation of federal election law.

Ackerman denied any wrongdoing saying that he knows the doctor undoubtedly has malpractice insurance to protect himself from lawsuits, but he had better watch out since he may not have libel insurance. In a sudden hush that swept the room, both opposition parties and supporters alike must have been thinking that Ackerman will do anything to hold on to power, to win no matter what, even threaten his opponent. The stunning arrogance of power that Ackerman displays is an unspoken warning to watch out for one’s personal well being if you dare to go against the powers that be. More people left the event convinced that Ackerman has been in office for so long that he feels the representative’s job is an entitlement.

Throughout the evening, Ackerman frequently interrupted his opponents while they were speaking and insulted and berated the crowd as the same Tea Partiers and Republicans who come from outside the district and go around making trouble for him. He continued to raise his voice in defense of his record as a rubber stamp for Speaker Pelosi’s reckless spending agenda. He showed his contempt for firefighters, police and teachers complaining about their fat pensions, and that his relatively small pension as Congressman should be greater than theirs. All the UFT volunteers working hard for his re-election should take note of his true colors.

As a contrast to Ackerman’s disgraceful behavior, Dr. Milano did not interrupt his opponent’s speech. He behaved in a proper manner, as a gentleman throughout the evening. At one point, he got up and urged the crowd to show more decorum and behave in a respectful manner toward whoever is speaking. Since the polls show that Ackerman is in a very close race with Milano, he should be justifiably nervous, but it is no excuse for a lack of decorum on the part of the Congressman.

Tonight Ackerman’s hissy fit reveals that he is unworthy of a leadership position in the United States House of Representatives. Heckling the audience, interrupting his opponents, threatening scare tactics, and storming out of the room, are more like adolescent behavior in the schoolyard. Regardless of the differences in political agenda and policy, it is the lack of statesman-like behavior on Ackerman’s part that reveals he is no longer worthy to serve the constituents of District 5 as their representative.

Photo from Queens Tribune


Anonymous said...

The whole thing was a sham, seemingly designed to benefit Ackerman. He was treated with kids glove by the moderator and allowed to go on and on with no time limit. No questions were asked (many submitted). Then he stormed out.

Anonymous said...

why the Palace Diner. That place is the worst diner in NY. It has been given the numerous violations over the years. If you hate someone send them there.

Anonymous said...

Stopped going to that diner when we found pubic hair in my wife's scrambled eggs. Twice.

Big Hairy Balls said...

Pubic hairs, eh?

Anonymous said...

Stopped going to that diner when we found pubic hair in my wife's scrambled eggs. Twice.

So you went back after fidning the hair once? Just don't get the scrambled eggs.

Queens Crapper said...

Leave it to my readers to care more about the diner than about the debate. That's why Queens is in trouble.

ew-3 said...

"Leave it to my readers to care more about the diner than about the debate."

QC - minor point, it's the posters that care more about the diner. Posters do not necessarily reflect your readers..

Anonymous said...

i didnt actually know its a close race.

Anonymous said...

Ackerman should be scared sh!tless

Sarah said...

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.—That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,—That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.
It is your right and duty to change this government by choosing new elected officials.

Tribune Mike said...

If Ackerman doesn't get re-elected, he'll try to take over the paper and then you'll see more whore ads than ever before!!! Please vote for Ackerman and save my job!

Anonymous said...

Consider this folks. If Ackerman is re-elected, he'll have a hard time serving his constituency while defending himself against legitimate ethics charges. Think Zises/Xenonics/ and the use of campaign money to pay for attorneys' fees. I'll take a chance and vote for Milano. He IS the better choice. At least the NY Daily News had the cajones to out Ackerman. Also, thanks to Queens Crap for allowing the truth to be heard. I first read about the corruption with Zises here!

Babs said...

Every friggin' day now for a good two weeks I am BOMBARDED with mail from ALL the candidate AS WELL AS having to listen to their nightly phone calls.

I cannot believe how much money they must've spent on advertising! All mudslinging each other - disgraceful.

Anonymous said...

"Leave it to my readers to care more about the diner than about the debate. That's why Queens is in trouble."

All of NYC is in trouble. Starting with pubic hair in scrambled eggs.

Anonymous said...

Didn't anyone get video of this. Palace Diner is a empty toilet hole which is why Ackerman was angry in the first place.

Anonymous said...

I'm voting for Milano.
Hell, I'd even vote for freakboy Palladino over Acky if that was the race.
Acky's gone to the well too many times.
Historically I'm a lifetime Dem but it was Padavan over Gennaro last time for me (tho' Tony's got my vote this time), Halloran over Acky-lacky Kim last time 'round and anybody but Acky this time for sure.

Vote Acky out of office!

Omar D Friendly Tentmaker said...

Hey Gary! I just finished your orange jumpsuit. Please come in for a fitting. Speaking of fitting, this place could use a pumpkin to spruce things up so stick around for a while...

Anonymous said...

Gary Ackerman practiced shaky ethics when he was president of the student body at Queens College back in the mid '60's. He took junkets on student association funds. Even then he knew........

Simian D Turd said...

"Ackerman goes apeshit"

Correction: "Ackerman IS apeshit"

Just sayin'...

Anonymous said...

There seems to be a lot of spin on what happened there that night.Let's clear that up real quick.

It was a setup from the start involving Don Capalbi,,Milano and his people.I was at the counter area at 6:20pm,40 min before the debate started when Milano walked in with his staff.As soon as he walked in, his staff turned to the left and went to the front dining area.Then Milano made a beeline to the back room where don capalbi the debate moderator was there setting up and they spoke for approximately 25min by themselves.

I stayed for the entire debate,Milano introduced himself to the people he didnt know as "James Milano ,milano like the cookie" and there were clearly about 15 people employed by the milano campaign,paid to disrupt,yell and heckle gary ackerman.
The debate was scheduled for one hour and Ackerman stayed for 75 minutes.The moderator showed no signs after 70minutes of closing the debate and it had to come to an end at some point.

perhaps you saw me?

Anonymous said...

Another old fat washed up pol who thinks his position is god given.....

Anonymous said...

the Auburndale Improvement Assoc. sponsored a candidates night at St. Kevins R.C. church on Tuesday,10/19/10.

the early candidates were questioned from the audience's prewritten cards by the hosts.

when Cong. Ackerman arrived the questioning stopped.because he had to attend another meeting. the voters got very frustrated and began asking verbal questions. he got arrogant with them.

he voted for cutting senior citizen medicare $500,000,000,000. (BILLION) and the Medicare/Medical /Advantage plan for 11 million seniors in 2010. and he refused to discuss his reasons for doing so.
MILANO said he will defund and repeal the obamacare law, if he is elected.

the audience voters who verbally asked questions were deemed "OUT OF ORDER" by the hosts.
were not the hosts and Ackerman ,our representative, 'OUT OF ORDER" ?

Anonymous said...

Interestingly enough the only articles I can find about possible house ethic rule violations all quote the same Daily News investigation. It is not the House Ethics Committee investigating Ackerman,, only the Daily News, and it has not added anything to its initial allegations back in January. Even the Daily News refers to the purchase of Xenonics stock as only "possibly" violating House Rules. After more than 25 years in Congress, if this is the worst Ackerman has been accused of . . .

Queens Crapper said...

Why should we expect that after 25 years he'd be accused of anything?

And do you really think the House Ethics Committee is going to lay all its cards out on the table for the media?

Anonymous said...

Even the Daily News refers to the purchase of Xenonics stock as only "possibly" violating House Rules. After more than 25 years in Congress, if this is the worst Ackerman has been accused of . . .


Hey troll! If Ackerman did nothing wrong, then why did he illegally take almost $100,000 from his campaign fund to defend himself againt the accusations? And why does he claim he paid off (rhymes with Madoff) the Zises loan years ago when that loan still appears on Ackerman's current Congressional financial disclosures? Also, Ackerman illegally hosted a meeting in his Congressional office between representatives of the Israeli government and representatives from Xenonics, a company he held stock in.

Hmmmm.... Seems to be a lot going on that you'd like swept under the rug. The 5th Congressional District deserves better, especially when he's done nothing for the community he allegedly serves regarding the possible elimination of the coop flip tax and several postal stations within the next year or so. When push comes to shove, Milano is still the much better choice.

The NY Daily News does not have the authority to do the necessary investigation that the FBI should be doing right at this very moment!!! Attention FEDS...what about it? Hey Ack hack...happy now?

Anonymous said...

From: Fly on the wall at the Palace Diner

The Milano campaign press release printed here is partly true, and partly false and distorted.

It is true that Ackerman implicitly threatened Milano with a libel suit when Milano spoke about Ackerman's ethics problems. Ackerman shouted out something like, "You may have malpractice insurance through the hospital where you work, but I know you don't have libel insurance, doctor."

It is also true that Ackerman kept interrupting his opponents at the Palace Diner debate.

But it is not true that Ackerman complained about teachers' pensions. Ackerman said that teachers get higher pensions than Congressmen and that it is rightfully so that teachers should receive more. Then Milano dishonestly twisted Ackerman's words. Milano falsely said that Ackerman complained about teachers' pensions. Then Milano accused Ackerman of trying to hurt teachers.

Oddly, Milano also accused Ackerman of being against women at the Palace Diner debate. I thought that Milano was the one who wants to ban all abortions and that Ackerman was the one who was for making all abortions legal.

There is so much wrong with Ackerman's real record that Milano could attack. It is very disturbing that Milano resorted to lying and making up things that are not true about Ackerman at the Palace Diner and in the press release.

Some of Milano's proposals were also even more liberal than Ackerman's. And Ackerman is one of the most liberal members of Congress! During the debate, Milano proposed higher social security COLA increases. Milano's proposal will make the Medicare system go bankrupt even faster.

Also Milano interrupted Ackerman as much as the other way around. Ackerman and Milano were both miserable and both behaved badly.

The only totally honest decent one at the Palace Diner debate was Liz Berney for the Taxpayer Revolt Party. She made a great speech about "sometimes no is good" which got a lot of cheers. I'm seriously thinking of voting for her even though she has no shot of winning on a third-party line, and even though she didn't ask anyone to vote for her.

Our major parties are in sad shape. Ackerman and Milano both came across as liberal buffoons with no integrity.

velvethead said...

I'll have the Short and Curly Omlette, please.

Anonymous said...

Yes Crappy, more about the diner than then topic. Who cares about our elected officials and what they might or might not do to further destroy our lives, I want my eggs dammit.

Let us not hold our politicians accountable for their actions.

Milano said it best "A Political seat does not belong to the politican who holds it but to the PEOPLE that voted him or her in"

I believe that Dr. Milano will remember that and work to represent his constituants, and if he doesn't , then in what? two years, we vote in someone else.

I am voting for Dr. Milano, I know he has the right mindset and desire to do what is right. I have met and spoken with him several times about numerous topics and he is genuine. He does not agree for the sake of being a politician and will stand his ground, working toward a solution. I have had the privelage to see him in action difuse an argument between two people passionate about their point.

Dr. James Milano for Congress, the time to stand up and make a change is now.


Anonymous said...

And why does he claim he paid off (rhymes with Madoff) the Zises loan years ago when that loan still appears on Ackerman's current Congressional financial disclosures?

True that!

Anonymous said...

I heard our esteemed congressman from NY threatened to sue for libel. Is that so? Is he not a Public Official? Should he not answer questions and justify his record? He is not a private citizen and should not threaten with ridiculous lawsuits. Stand up and be a man, be an honest representative and answer the questions.

Anonymous said...

Stand up and be a man, be an honest representative and answer the questions.


Anonymous said...

I received one of those recorded telephone messages from Dr. Milano a few days ago which was very confusing. Milano said in the message that Ackerman is against women's issues. I see (from reading Fly on the Wall's account) that Milano said the same thing at the Palace Diner.

There seem to be a lot of Milano supporters here. Maybe some of you can answer some questions:

1. What does Milano mean when he keeps saying that Ackerman is against women's issues? What women's issues is Milano talking about?

2. What are the positions of all three candidates (Gary Ackerman, Liz Berney and Dr. Milano) on abortion and contraception and abortion funding?

Anonymous said...

Ackerman will stroke out in the near future.........

Anonymous said...

such objective reporting of the event! can your hatred of ackerman be any more obvious.

oh, on another note, was tony nunziato there cheering on the libel like he seems to do at all of the debates these days? can't wait for him to pick up his bat and re-structure albany if he gets elected.

two pubic hairs to you!

Anonymous said...

so Ackerman is not all that peacenik as he would have the constituency think he is?

Anonymous said...

so Ackerman is not all that peacenik as he would have the constituency think he is?

That ship sailed a long time ago and sank in the Potomac!

Anonymous said...

do not forget that Gary Ackerman was the force in convincing then president bubba clinton to pardon the american u.s.naval spy for israel,POLLARD....

if not for the then C.I.A. director, George Tenet and senior c.i.a. officials threatening to resign,Pollard would have been released from his life in prison sentence.
Pollard's stolen U.S. secrets scuttled the c.i.a. network in the world and may have caused the execution of U.S. operatives. the U.S.S.R. were given the secrets in return for the release of soviet jewish scientists to israel.

this is documented.see seymour hirsch

Anonymous said...

f.y.i.....Seymour M. Hersh, the new yorker,Jan, 18,1999

"THE TRAITOR",the story of POLLARD"S THEFT OF U.S SECRETS, and how it damaged our country.

see wikipedia.

Anonymous said...

What are the positions of all three candidates (Gary Ackerman, Liz Berney and Dr. Milano) on abortion and contraception and abortion funding?

Are women only interested in abortion and contraception? Are men only interested in prostate cancer? We all have the same interests: the economy, health care, and national security.

Babs said...

The ONLY people interested in the abortion issue is the Far Right - women were given the right to decide what they want to do with their own bodies and lives many years ago - this bothers the right. They cannot focus on important issues simply because they are stupid -

Anonymous said...

BLABS is proof that liberalism/progressivism is a sickness.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Im on the far right and couldn't care less about abortion.In fact i favor it.I also condone sterilization!

DavidD6 said...

As someone who attended the Debate at the Palace Diner, what bothered me more than anything that night was the actions of Don Capalbi, who took playing favoritism to a new level. This moderator was in essence an extension of the Gary Ackerman campaign and political machine. Ackerman had MUCH more time to talk than the other two participants in the debate. This was bad enough. What I will NEVER forget is that after Ackerman had 3 opportunities to talk, Capalbi didn't allow Liz Berney and Dr. Milano to have a 3rd opportunity.

The truth of the matter is if Liz Berney would have had even 5 minutes to respond to what Gary Ackerman was expressing about Israel, that would have finally exposed to the people of the 5th Congressional District and the world that Ackerman is amongst Israel's greatest nightmares! Not to mention, re-affirming that Ackerman is also one of the greatest nightmares to the United States. The opportunity that I was dreaming about for months would have become a reality if not for Don Capalbi.

DavidD6 said...

I have attended many of the Candidates Forums and Debates in the 5th Congressional Race, dating back to before Primary Day, Sept. 14. I proudly supported Liz Berney in the Republican Primary, with the commitment to support Dr. Milano if he won the primary, and both candidates came together. To the credit of both, they did come together.

Liz Berney hasn't seeked any votes and has stated this publicly at multiple Candidates Forums. And Liz has helped Dr. Milano in his efforts to win the general election. That was the difference for me to get back involved in this campaign, in order to defeat the hideous Gary Ackerman once and for all! To Liz Berney's credit, she has also been helping MANY other Republican Candidates. Going the extra mile, in ways that most other candidates would never do. I saw it first hand.

The leadership that Liz has displayed was what lead to me actively helping Dr. Milano, Jack Martins, Frank Padavan, Vince Tabone, and Fran Becker. Despite not getting remotely enough sleep last week. We are in an urgent situation! All of these candidates need to get elected in their respective races!

DavidD6 said...

Regarding Gary Ackerman, there's a multitude of reasons why it's essential that Dr. Milano defeats him in the election on Tuesday. Ackerman's ultra-leftist domestic agenda is extremely troubling. The way he treats his opponents, including those in the public that disagree with him, is beyond disturbing. I've seen it at a number of Candidates Forums. Ackerman acts like he owns the Congressional Seat!

From my point of view, what bothers me the most about Gary Ackerman is the perception that he's Pro-Israel, that he helps try to create. When in reality, Ackerman is arguably the most dangerous member in the House of Representatives to Israel. For those of you who don't think this is an important American issue, for YOUR sake keep in mind Genesis 12:3 .

This past Tuesday Night at a Candidates Forum in Douglaston, Gary Ackerman made a comment to the audience a few minutes after he said he's a Zionist! In between, he was attempting to degrade Dr. Milano and a person in the audience from Port Washington ( who mentioned he's a teacher in Brooklyn ), who had VERY legitimate concerns about Ackerman's record on the Middle East. I'm not sure how many people in the audience picked up on this quote from Gary Ackerman:

"I'm sorry this has become about Israel but it's not my doing" .

This from someone who CLAIMS to be a Zionist and rips apart anyone who questions his record on Israel! This is the REAL Gary Ackerman!

That leads me to the video, called the ' Real Gary Ackerman' on YouTube. You should be able to find it if you Google it or go directly to the You Tube search:

The commentary in this video was made in early 2002. What everyone needs to know is that Gary Ackerman, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, said on National TV, that NO PUNISHMENT is ENOUGH for JTF ( Jewish Task Force ) supporters! JTF is a right wing organization that is law abiding. Back in 1993, a day after the horrific Oslo Accords, Gary Ackerman was jumping up and down in joy that he got the autograph of the ' Arab Hitler' Yasser Arafat! Gary Ackerman is an absolute disgrace!

If all of this wasn't enough, in Feb. 2009, Gary Ackerman used the term ' Settler Pogroms' when referring to the heroic settlers of Hebron defending this holy land against the type of terrorists who Ackerman wants Israel to continue to make concessions to. How can one be a Zionist if you want Israel to give up land that G-d said belongs to Israel!

Not suprisingly, Gary Ackerman wants the United States to keep funding Yasser Arafat's successor, Mahmoud Abbas, who has the SAME agenda as Arafat. The destruction of Israel. These beasts say one thing in English and Hebrew. Something totally different in Arabic! Yet, these are the type of ' leaders' Gary Ackerman supports. Ackerman fits right in with his ally, J-Street, which funds him!

When is this nightmare going to end! Please make it happen on Tuesday!

Anonymous said...




Maybe Taiwan (Tommy Huang's crew?) have been supplying $$$$$ in offshore cash to the Queens Dem machine for

Members of CB# 7 took that same trip.




Anonymous said...

Regading a comment made about Jonathan Pollard:
For the record, Pollard pled guilty of a single count of passing state secret to a friendly country. He cooperated with the prosecutor and the deal with the prosecutor was he'd get 3-5 years. He was NOT charged with treason or being a traitor. For that, he's now in his 26th year of a 30-year sentence, thanks to an ex-parte 46-page letter from Caspar Weinberger to the judge just before sentencing, a letter that no one has as yet seen.
Additional information can be seen at:

Anonymous said...

RE:jonathan pollard (TRAITOR)...


scroll:recent N.C.I.S. history......jonathan pollard

he was charged with violating the U.S.espionage act and given a life sentence. he passed hundreds of thousands to possibly a million secret documents to other nations as well as israel,for money.

he agreed to a plea bargain agreement ,but even before the sentence was handed down ,he broke the bargain with israeli news reporters. thus he lost his 3-5 year sentence. some jewish/israeli public relations efforts have tried to turn him into a hero.

six U.S sec.'s of defense have agreed with his life sentence.he has recently become a israeli citizen. and they have finally admitted he was a spy for israel.

Anonymous said...

RE: Jonathan Pollard
Again, let's be clear: Pollard was charged with, and agreed to plead guilty to, a single count of passing state secrets to a friendly nation, and cooperated with his interrogators. He was NEVER charged with treason; nor with espionage; the government broke its agreement, due to a letter the contents never revealed, handed down to the judge by Caspar Weinberger on sentencing day.
Pollard has been the fall guy for the failure of the CIA and FBI to catch the damaging spying acts of John Walker, Aldrich Ames, and others. They were the ones responsible for our spies in the Soviet Union being caught.
Pollard's been in jail for 26 years, far more than others with similar charges.
Clinton was going to pardon him, instead he pardoned fugitive Mark Rich. Rich's ex-wife donated $1 million to Clinton's Arkansas library, and Hilary's election campaign.
Get your facts straight. Look up:

DavidD6 said...

Liz Berney wrote an excellent article defending Dr. Milano's statements on Israel. This is well worth reading:


Also, another candidate that I proudly have campaigned for because of Liz's leadership is Jeff Bass. He's the Republican Candidate for the Receiver of Taxes for the Town of North Hempstead.

The fact that the leftist media is attempting to discredit Jeff Bass makes it that much more important that Jeff Bass is elected!