Sunday, October 17, 2010

Kids flee schools on closure list

From the Daily News:

Overcowding in some of Queens' large, generalized high schools appears to be up this fall - and the culprit could be the borough's high number of struggling schools.

Parents are pulling students out of schools that the city and state have identified as failing, local leaders and parents said. And those students are now exacerbating overcrowding in nearby high schools, they said.

City officials were quick to point out that there was no data to support this claim.

Let's not use common sense, but instead rely on "data".


Anonymous said...

Data meaning actual evidence and not hearsay?

Also, what's your solution?

Queens Crapper said...

Hearsay? You mean it's not logical for parents to not want their kids to go to a school that the city said is no good? If "the school went from almost 3,500 students to more than 3,800 this year" is not considered to be "data" then what is it?

Anonymous said...

And it isn't just flight from schools the city says will harm kids...the city assigned kids to the crowded schools rather than the others...or gave kids a choice between, say, Lewis and "Jamaica, which we believe should be closed" - not an exact quote, but the exact quote can be provided. Really. The city shoved more students in the direction of the overcrowded schools, shoved new small schools with only 100-odd students into the "failing" schools, and cut resources to the struggling large schools - creating not an overcrowded school, per se, but severely overcrowded classes. And what's going to happen when kids who are already struggling find themselves in classes with over 40 students??

Anonymous said...

Illegal aliens can and will reproduce, resulting average three anchor children entering the system yearly. Multiply these figure by several thousand.
We now have overcrowded schools, and concerned parents.
Common sense 101.