Saturday, October 16, 2010

City employees to start sharing vehicles

NEW YORK (AP / WCBS 880/ 1010 WINS) - The New York City government is testing a new car-sharing program intended to shrink the size of the municipal vehicle fleet.

Under an agreement with car rental company Zipcar, city employees will drive rental cars during the day for official business.

Those vehicles will then be available for regular rentals on evenings and weekends.

In a one-year pilot program, 300 employees from the transportation department will share 25 vehicles, most of them hybrids.

The city will examine the program’s effect on vehicle miles traveled, parking and other costs.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been trying to reduce costs associated with municipal vehicles.

The city’s fleet has more than 26,000 vehicles.


Anonymous said...

Great. The city will boast about saving costs on vehicles, and will likely downplay any decrease in productivity from any shortage of vehicles. It's not like these city employees work staggered schedules, they probably all work similar hours and need vehicles at the same times. No car available? Sounds like a good excuse to stay at the office and play paper toss on the iphone.

Anonymous said...

It will probably cost more.B-berg just likes to make everyones life mserable......

Anonymous said...

What about public transportation. And don't forget to make them (the city) pay for every ride.

Anonymous said...

Maspeth Mom say....

Thats a good idea (on paper) Every evening I see a man in DEP car head into a deli. He leaves the car idling spends 15 minutes buying groceries. Is this what my tax payer dollars are going for?
Another collossal waste of funds !!

Anonymous said...

It's worht a shot. Let's see if it changes anything.

Anonymous said...

All city employees should take Mass Transit. Maybe if they did, they would see how slow and crowded it is and try to improve the Transit System. The average Joe takes the train and bus. They should too. Imagine how much money the city would save? If they don't want to take mass transit, let them use their personal vehicles.

Anonymous said...

ten D.O.T. vehicles are parked at a private lot each day at 40-29 27th street,in L.I.C.

is the public paying for this rental?
why are private cars parked at the D.O.T. spots also?
do they belong to D.O.T. employees?

is the property owner paying taxes on the cash rentals?
does he have a n.y.c. parking lot license?

Anonymous said...

The city should sell 23,000 vehicules. Let them adapt Zip Cars when they need them vs taking them home to New Jersey every night!

Better yet, why don't we create NYC jobs that require residents only to fill them. In fact demand that all NYC jobs be held by residents. Since Mayor Bloombug is a resident of Bermuda he should step down or pay back taxes to NYC immediately.