Monday, October 18, 2010

Non-citizens that vote face deportation

From the NY Times:

In the United States, only citizens are allowed to vote in national and statewide elections. And while immigrants who are granted permanent residency — a green card — enjoy an array of privileges, including the right to work, they can lose them all and be expelled from the country if the authorities discover that they have even registered to vote.

Uncovering an immigrant’s voting history is not always hard. Many proudly acknowledge having voted when applying for American citizenship.

Officials with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, which processes immigrants’ visas and naturalization petitions, say the agency does not keep records of how many noncitizens have been caught violating voting laws. Many election law experts said there was no evidence that the violations happened frequently — or at least enough to skew election results.

No group appears to have made the issue a central cause this election season, Mr. von Spakovsky said, but that could change if some results in crucial races are close. “That’s when people will potentially pay attention," he said.

William G. Wright, a spokesman for Citizenship and Immigration Services, said the agency did not provide “specific information on voting rights” when granting green cards. But he pointed out that voter registration forms explain that an applicant must be an American citizen.


Anonymous said...

A non-story in search of a political hook. You get to the last sentence and discover no one has actually been deported.

Even a tourist here for 10 days pays taxes, that doesn't give them the right to vote.

My friends who are green card holders enjoy that "array of privileges" and also want to hold to another "array of privileges" that maintaining citizenship in the their country of origin gives them.

Of course, they vote in the country where they have citizenship, why should they also be allowed to vote in the United States?

Anonymous said...

Uhh...last time I checked my 3d grade civics school book, you needed to be a citizen to vote. What's the story (or the revelation) here?

Detective McNutty said...


How is this post a non story? Did you speed read through the entire article. It is a story because there is abuse in the voting process. I can't believe you aren't insulted about Joseph E. Joseph voting. Next thing you will tell us , you weren't bothered by the repeal of term limits and voted for Bloomberg.

Anonymous said...

this article presumes our votes count. i'll leave that to the crappers to debate.

Old White Woman said...

"Many proudly acknowledge having voted when applying for American citizenship."

This statement says it all.

Clearly this is not willfull abuse on these peoples part.

The government is not doing its job informing them they're not allowed to vote.

If the government does its job the problem will correct itself.

Why not tell them when they get the green card that they're not allowed to vote ??!!

They probably think the green card requires them to vote !!!

In many countries voting is mandatory.

None of us reads through those mail in voter registration forms you get at the post office before signing them.

Why would we think these people would?

Anonymous said...

Since when did the government ever do it's job? We are still waiting for the Feds to secure our borders. Hoardes of illegals vote and are proud of it. There has to be a better system of checks and balances. Until then, we are all screwed. Voting is a right, not a priviledge.

Anonymous said...

I'll stipulate that they are proud to have voted, what do you say to signing a voter registration card which includes a bold print declaration that

I swear or affirm that I am a citizen of the United States ...and that the above information is true, I understand that if it is not true, I can be convicted and fined up to $5,000 and/or jailed for up to four years.

How do you make that more obvious to Joseph E. Joseph?

Old White Woman said...

In a democratic society, voting is not a right and it is not a priveledge. It is an obligation!

80% of New York citizens did not even bother to show up last November when Bloomberg was elected to his controversial third term.

If we care so little, maybe we should fly 80% of the ballots down to the Dominican Republic and let them have those votes.

Why waste?

Anonymous said...

Every time an illegal casts a vote, not only are they breaking the law, but they are cheapening our citizenship. They've broken our laws already, so they figure the laws don't apply to them. Democrats won't do anything about it because they feel that illegals usually vote Democratic because they create all the entitlements. These illegal votes be should negated, but who will have the guts to do that? Can you imagine how many people would be deported the day after election day? Then the ACLU would come in and save them.

Joe said...

Signing a voter registration means nothing without enforcement.
These illegals have fake or stolen names and SS numbers.
Whoever thinks criminals will obey the law or even be traced towho they really are needs a brain scan.

I have no doubt old consertive people like Archie Bunker will be "eyeballed" and denied help on how to use use the computerized voting machines (different ones every year).
Their legs give out and now stay go home.
This has been the trick to gain Democrats seats in places like North Hempsted Long Island.

Cherokeesista said...

Aren't you suppose to be able to read, write and speak a minimal amount of English for American Citizenship also? LMAO!!!!

Anonymous said...

You don't need English in this country. They have the ballots translated into many foreign languages, therefore, you don't need English to become a citizen. Perhaps the law should be changed and all the ballots printed in English only. What is the chance that this will happen?

Anonymous said...

Anthony Como sucks.

Anonymous said...

Everything in English por favor.

Anonymous said...

Non-green card holders must be deported. Green-card holders should have much less rights than voting than they enjoy today. Folks need to be awed by citizenship to want it and demonstrate it. The waiting period to gain citizenship should be extended to 10 years. aNYONE CAUGHT BREAKING THE LAW SHOULD BE DEPORTED AND LOSE THEIR GREEN CARD.

Anonymous said...

The lesson here is that immigrants who break much worse violations are not deported, but for voting they are deported.

Anonymous said...

All illegals should be deported. End of subject! They broke the law when they entered illegally. As soon as they step on our soil, they are criminals. Deport them all.

Auntie Invasion said...

The Board of Elections is to blame. If you want to be a poll worker, you have to be registered in a party. But if you are an interpreter not only is the registered voter requirement waived, you don't have to be a citizen or have a green card.

This takes jobs away from citizens who want to make money on Election Day.
the interpreters are given preference. that's why you see so many Chinese people sitting on their asses at the poll sites. Many of these interpreters can barely speak English themselves and know nothing about the polling procedures.
the other scam are the car service's that every Board of Election boro office hires each election day to ferry their workers and poll workers, etc to the poll sites. In Manhattan, they are all Dominicans who can barely speak English. I doubt that they are American citizens.

and last of all the poll site inspectors. Save money by getting rid of these idiots who do nothing but harass and cause problems for hard working poll workers.

Anyone found voting who is not a citizen with verified documents as so many illegal immigrants use fake social security numbers and stolen id's. should all be deported.

Anonymous said...

It's time for the ballots to be printed in English only. You need a command of the English language to read and learn about the candidates. If you can't master English and feel you can't vote without an interpretor, then you should'nt have a vote at all.

Anonymous said...

English doesn't count in New York City. Our illustrious corrupt team of city council members have seen to that.

Anonymous said...

Why can't we have an English only ballot vote on the ballot? We are the ones who pay for the printing, translating and translators. This taxpayer money could be better spent. If people don't want to assimilate and learn English, then that's their problem. We should vote English only.