Saturday, October 30, 2010

Is this the best we can do?

From the NY Post:

Meet the crew running for City Council from Queens: a deadbeat dad who allegedly threw a punch at a rival; a lawyer accused of drawing a gun on a rival's wife; an imam who filed for seven bankruptcies; a former city worker with $70,000 in judgments; two candidates with past campaign-finance violations; and four who don't live in the district or moved in so recently they're still unpacking their carpetbags.

Seven are vying for the seat left vacant when Councilman Thomas White Jr. died in August. It is one of only two council contests this year and the only one contested.


Anonymous said...

Yea? So what? The gig pays six-figures for part time work. 1 in 7 chance? nice!

faster340 said...

And of course the duds will be voted into office by the oh so smart masses that see them through rose colored glasses...