Friday, October 29, 2010

Weiner running for 2 offices simultaneously?

From the Washington Times Water Cooler:

It is no secret that Congressman Anthony Weiner, New York Democrat, has had aspirations to become mayor of New York City one day. However, why hasn't the New York Congressman made any announcements of his intentions yet, when his 420 Lexington Avenue campaign office has a sign on the door showing he is running for both offices?

Here are 3 Weiner-Turner debate videos:

Cap and Trade

Candidate Qualifications

Juniper Civic meeting debate


Toke A. Holic said...

his 420 Lexington Avenue campaign office

Tee hee! You said 420. I guess that explains it.

Anonymous said...

His slogan;

"Wimp and change"

Anonymous said...

This is shocking?

Anonymous said...

Because career politicans are useless in any other field, and if they miss out on an office, they are screwed. They couldnt hack it in the real word economy.

Its the same reason that, once elected, only make decisions that help future elections, not what is best for the people.

There should be a cap on public office.

No more than 12 years in ANY combination of president/house/senate/etc

Once you have officials making decisions based on the real world outcome, not on the election, you will get better solutions.


Anonymous said...

Wiener lies again, suprise. At a recent Middle Village Property Owners meeting he stated "The health care bill and I am one . I wrote and read the entire health care bill. Kick this bum out once and for all.

georgetheatheist said...

Can you imagine this pencil necked-schnozzola-weenie dick wad as Mayor of the City of New York?

A Better NYC said...

Vote for Bob Turner on Tuesday..!!!

Anonymous said...

He is a weiner. Can't stand him. He's a career politician who is in lock=step with Schumer, Gillibrand and Obama. They all voted for health care reform, which will cost us millions and increase our taxes. Vote him out on Tuesday. I'm voting for Turner.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have change for a 3$ bill?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have change for a 3$ bill?

How about 2 one and a halfs?

PS I think you meant $3.