Monday, October 18, 2010

Calling 311 can work against you

From the Daily News:

Queens homeowners who called 311 to complain about a crumbling curb on their street finally got action - the city slapped them with summonses for sidewalk problems.

Seven houses near 157th St. and Ninth Ave. in Whitestone were ticketed for cracks or bumps on the pavement - yet the damaged curb hasn't been repaired, the residents said.

"I was really shocked," said David Provenzano, 32, who got a summons in September.

"The curb is actually a hazard. We don't have a choice but to fix the sidewalk yet they aren't rushing to fix the real problems here."

Each homeowner got a certified letter from the city saying they had 45 days to repair the sidewalk or the city would do it and send them a bill.

"It's a pure money grab," said Mike Donovan, 32, who received a $5,000 estimate from the Department of Transportation for his sidewalk.

"Instead of worrying about our safety, they want to see how much money they can get out of hardworking families."

All the neighbors said they had called 311 to complain specifically about the curb, which the city is responsible for fixing.

DOT spokeswoman Nicole Garcia said 311 received a call about a sidewalk condition but nothing specific about the curb.


Anonymous said...

The city fucks us again. How is this even news?

Babs said...

YEARS ago the city would repair curbs - these people all thought it was the city's responsibility -and it was one - back in the 1970s.

Everyone in my nab does their own curbs when needed - I doubt if anything can be done for them.

Anonymous said...

This city always wants to ticket, tow, etc., but when it comes down to waht it needs to do - they mae a new law or reason why it didn't, can't or won't - or they ignore you or they ticket you.

The Long Island City Native

Anonymous said...

No surprise - this is how Bloomturd balances the city's budget: by harassing homeowners and small businesses with idiotic fines. Heaven forbid we should tax the rich a little bit!

Anonymous said...

This abuse has been going on for years in this city by the corrupt DOB. Bloomberg knows all the ways to drive the one and two family homeowners out of here. His plan has worked brilliantly and the historic fabric of home ownership in this city has been replaced with absentee landlords building out of scale overbearing monstrosities that attract republican out of town scum.

Bloomberg will burn in hell for destroying this city. But before his term is up, he will see to it that every last small homeowner is out of here.

He must not win in his quest for destroying us. He must be brought to justice for his crimes against New Yorkers.