Thursday, October 21, 2010

The latest from Bloombergland

More rumors that his majesty is running for president from multiple sources. But even New Yorkers don't want that.

If you think President Bloomberg is possible, then answer this question.

He also wants your feedback on how to save money. And here we thought that's why we needed to hire him a third time - because he was the only one who could solve our budget problems.


Anonymous said...

That little troll should just be happy he BARELY won the position of mayor. That little troll has done nothing for the city financially, other than let the trailer trash tourist feel at home while visiting N.Y.C.. He spent millions to get elected, so I guess he will have to spend billions to get elected for president. He needs to just go away, far away!

Anonymous said...

I would vote for him for President, but only if he promises to run for three terms.

Anonymous said...

Let him run for President, but he must step down from his current office. PS - his whinnying voice wont make it outside of NYC! He should run for Bermuda presidency.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bloomberg The Megalomaniac hasn't a snowball's chance in hell anywhere outside of New York. Let him waste his money on advertising. What ticket is he going to run on? Republican? The Tea Jokers will make mince meat of him. Democrat? HIS ORIGINAL PARTY? I don't think any democrat in New York would vote for him and any Democrat outside of New York can see through his smug, lying piece of shit demeanor.

You can't talk down to the masses, be for relentless illegal immigration and back up Wall Street scum and expect to win any votes in middle America.

Let him run and be disgraced and humiliated on a national level. He deserves it.