Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bushwick's illegal halfway house still a problem

From NBC:

On a street in Brooklyn is what the New York City Buildings Department says is an illegal boarding house for men with substance abuse problems who have recently gotten out of jail or prison.

And on that same street in Bushwick is a family who describes that house as the nightmare next door.

"We have no idea who's there," said Angel Tarrats. "We don't know if there are sex offenders there. We don't know what type of crimes these people commit. Nobody checks with us. We see these strangers come in and these strangers leave."

According to Buildings Department records, the owner of 1088 Hancock Street illegally converted the two family house to a transient hotel two years ago.

The department has issued four violations and has fined the owner $47,000. But a spokesperson says the owner never showed up for scheduled hearings and has not paid the fine.

And because the department does not have the authority to issue a vacate order on the house, the case is now being referred to the Mayor's Office of Special Enforcement.

NBCNewYork was unable to reach the owner for comment.

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