Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jamaica hell houses boarded up

From the Queens Courier:

Two South Jamaica homes that were allegedly havens for prostitutes and drug dealers have been boarded up, thanks to the efforts of the 103rd Precinct, Department of Buildings (DOB) and FDNY.

Local residents and State Senator Shirley Huntley said that the problem has been going on for a while.

Of particular concern is the fact that P.S. 48 is just a few blocks away.

According to [Deputy Inspector Charles] McEvoy, the homes at 154-11 and 154-13 107th Avenue have been boarded up.

Both houses, he said, were in foreclosure and after an inspection with the DOB and FDNY, the squatters were evicted, two people were arrested and “all the doors and windows were sealed up” so there is no way of getting in.


Anonymous said...

THe folks in the 103 have one of the best cops and leaders as the C.O.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely, officer.

Anonymous said...

the sex attacks in the Bronx were committed in one such building. how many more are in the entire city?