Sunday, October 17, 2010

More trees topple during windy weekend

From WPIX:

Neighbors on 215th Street in Hollis, Queens are calling it the attack of the old green giants. Some of the towering trees that beautify their block, threatened their very lives while carving out a path of destruction.

"It's so weird because first our house then our best friends house," Tyna Williams told PIX 11 News. "Kind of creepy."

Already weakened by last month's tornado, and the nor'easter earlier this week, some trees couldn't withstand Friday's heavy winds gusting up to 45 miles an hour. Two of them came crashing down and branches went flying.

Saturday morning, just as cleanup crews were carting away the downed tree, another one nearby snapped and ripped off part of Steve Crawford's roof.

Neighbors want the city to be aware that more vulnerable trees could topple.


ew-3 said...

Guess there is a need for more federal money...

Everything has become a federal case.

Anonymous said...

And the alternative being?