Friday, October 22, 2010

Stay of execution for Pelham Pkwy trees

From the Village Voice:

Previously, we wrote about the city's plan to redo the Bronx's Pelham Parkway, including adding guardrails that would require killing at least 80 of the century-old trees lining the road. Last week, the trees -- represented by the Pelham Parkway Preservation Alliance and attorney William J. Madonna -- won a restraining order in Bronx County Supreme Court against the city.

The Alliance took their case to court, requesting that the city stop all construction, remove all construction vehicles, and not cut down any trees. They asked the city to have a third party perform and release environmental impact statements about the project. They also requested the city appoint a lead agency to administer the entire project, since there's been some apparent confusion on which agency, exactly, is ultimately responsible.

The temporary injunction prevents the project from moving forward as long as the case is pending. Only regular maintenance work is now permitted on the Parkway. The case will go to trial on November 5 to determine whether the city can proceed with the project as planned.

"It's a shame they have to go to court," former Parks Commissioner Henry Stern told us. "The city should protect its trees without adding...court."


Gary the Agnostic said...

Good for the Alliance. They are fighting the good fight.

georgetheatheist said...

Why are guardrails needed on Pelham Parkway? Why?

Anonymous said...

The guardrails are neeeded because someone's cousin has a guardrail business and can use the extra money.

Anonymous said...

Why are most politicians willing to ruin everything in this country????????????

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful news. Now let's see if this momentum grows throughout the whole city to stop overdevelopment when landlords cut down every tree on a lot that was for sale in order to put up another 12 story monstrosity on it's entire parcel.

Helen Marshall - ARE YOU LISTENING!?

Rego-Forest Preservation Council Chair Michael Perlman said...

Trees depict life, beauty, and sustain our environment. There is no excuse for cutting down these living gems. Curtail the construction to defend the trees. Anyway, haven't the boroughs lost enough due to the September 16th natural disaster? Let's fight the good fight for all that remains. Man-made devastation can be prevented. Stop the greed!