Saturday, July 24, 2010

WWII vet scammed out of home

From the Daily News:

World War II veteran Lucius Dorsey thought he'd seen the worst in people after being stationed in the Pacific in 1942.

Now, more than 40 years after leaving the Navy, the legally blind 89-year-old vet is fighting a nasty battle on the home front.

Dorsey is the victim of a deed theft scam and is battling eviction from the Springfield Gardens, Queens, home he bought in 1969.

"Someone is trying to steal from us," said Dorsey, who lives with his wife and two sons. "I'm blind. I can't understand it."

The scammer accused of preying on the Dorseys in 2007 is Allen Robinson - a person Dorsey's wife, Wanda, 52, thought was a "friend with good credit."

But instead of helping them refinance, Robinson had the deed transferred into his name.

"They did not know that they were actually signing away their title to the property," said Wendy Dolce, a lawyer from the City Bar Justice Center.

Robinson is now in an upstate prison - not for scamming the Dorseys, but for drug possession, records show.

Most deed theft scammers zero in on their victims by checking foreclosure listings, which are a matter of public record.


Anonymous said...

Deed and mortgage scams are rampant in Jamaica, Queens.

Anonymous said...

THAt guy needs to be hunted down and shot!

Anonymous said...

They should have had a lawyer look at the papers before they signed.
That guy is scum.

Anonymous said...

Is his son retarded, or did they just snap the pic when he wasn't ready?