Tuesday, July 27, 2010

BSA helps Huang

From the Queens Chronicle:

The city announced last week it is letting convicted felon Thomas Huang complete four houses under construction for eight years on 223rd Street in Bayside despite 10 open building code violations on the properties, unresolved for the last three years.

Pat Martin, a homeowner who lives adjacent to the building site, said she was disappointed the Board of Standards and Appeals is allowing Huang, and his son, Henry, to get the building permits back. “We lost, but we won’t give up,” Martin said. “It was so narrow an application that the BSA granted it. We think they are wrong.”

Martin has a civil suit pending against Huang for damaging her property several years ago. Workmen excavated too close to her lot, causing a retaining wall to collapse. She lost 3 feet of land and fence, lighting and her irrigation system.

Huang’s petition asked the city to revert to previous zoning at the site so he can complete the project. He based it on his vested rights, saying the eight-year project has become a hardship because he is losing money.

But Community Board 11 and 223rd Street neighbors say the hardship was caused by Huang, who flaunted the law by permitting shoddy workmanship, using unlicensed contractors, working without a permit, improperly installing drainage pipes and more.

Carly Sullivan, spokeswoman for the Department of Buildings, said Huang owes $17,560 in violations on the houses.

Sullivan explained that the violations were allowed to be corrected even though there was a stop-work order on the project. However, she reported Wednesday that following an audit, there were found some problems with his applications that need to be addressed before the stop-work order is lifted.


Anonymous said...

Burn them all down.

No, forget that, then Tommy collects insurance money.

How about they pull a "Funny Farm" and make sure nobody EVER buys them from him?

Anonymous said...

It's been said that Huang has a back door into city hall and a judge or two in his pocket but apparently the front door of the BSA is wide open for this convicted felon and public nuisance!

What's Tommy got on some key government officials in his little black mail book...h-m-m-m-m?

Put the screws to Claire Shulman for a start and see where she was bound to Huang's hip, then question the Staviskys!

Anonymous said...

demolition notices ,midsummer 2010,c.p.b.11.

partial list targeting auburndale 11358 :42-03 195 st.
48-08 192st.,47-40 189st.,189-18 44 ave.,47-48 Francis Lewis Blvd.

and the beat goes on......

developers and tweeders racing to beat the rezoning of the area west of Francis Lewis Blvd.
1 family 60'x 100' lots become two x2 fam. w. illegal cellar which becomes nine families.
is not democrat dictatorship grand?

Anonymous said...

They'll sell these pieces of shit to some unsuspecting Asians. Tommy and Henry love to screw their own kind!