Friday, July 23, 2010

New cab sharing service for the bus-deprived

CabCorner is most definitely a solution for commuters no longer serviced by public buses in the wake of cuts. In fact, that’s kind of the point. Our platform creates a new kind of public transit system by leveraging existing private infrastructure (cabs and taxi companies).

Though in some parts of NYC, users will simply be able to utilize CabCorner to meet up and then hail a cab off the street, in many parts of Brooklyn/Queens/Bronx, yellow cabs aren’t reliably available. Thus, we list contact numbers to nearby livery companies, so that users can efficiently call a cab once a “cab share” or “shared ride” has been created.

CabCorner thus makes travel by taxi affordable to a whole demographic of people previously priced out of the option. It provides a lower-cost transportation alternative to residents who no longer have the option of taking the bus on a discontinued line. And it encourages more environmentally-conscious travel than a solo taxi ride.

1) CabCorner connects individuals located in the same area who are headed the same direction around the same time.

2) CabCorner reduces taxi travel costs, street traffic, subway congestion, and urban pollution. (It may even encourage bar-goers to drink responsibly.)

3) CabCorner is a web-based, mobile-accessible platform, affording users a fully-customizable experience. Rides can be booked two weeks in advance, or just ten minutes in the future, from either computer or phone.

4) CabCorner is a social transportation logistics utility, that works with city agencies to augment transportation options for residents and drive business to cab drivers.

5) CabCorner’s security mechanisms ensures a safe and comfortable experiences, even enabling users to select the type of people with whom they’d be willing to share a cab.

Here, you can check it out:

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