Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Immigrant murdered at Flushing gas station

From Eyewitness News:

It was a final farewell that came entirely too fast. Friends never imagined they'd be sending Nadeem Khan home this way, this soon.

He left Pakistan just a few months ago, enthusiastically looking forward to building a better life here in the states.

The men who shattered the 39 year old's dream killed Nadeem early Sunday morning at a Mobile Station on Roosevelt Avenue.

Surveillance video shows the first suspect walking into the small shop.

Friends believe Nadeem probably thought he was a customer.

But on the video it appears there's a struggle. By this point, the second suspect is also inside and the deadly shooting has been set in motion.

Then as calmly as they arrived, they leave. One suspect is talking on a cell phone, sources telling Eyewitness News that the men took off with cash.


Babs said...

These two pieces of sh*t are probably Flushing homeboys - Prince Street projects is my first guess. Second guess - College Point -

I'm glad you posted this - the video is not so good - but it's not the worst either - the sh*t in the t-shirt can be identified from the clip by someone who knows him for sure.

How callous they were to this man is EXACTLY how callous a jury WILL be towards them.

The boys in the big house guys are waiting for ya'!

georgetheatheist said...

2 black guys - again.

Again, again, and again.

Over and over and over.

Catch and jail them and the bleeding hearts cry out racial discrimination in the prison population.

Discrimination? Profiling?

Statistical analysis.

Anonymous said...

2 black guys - again.

Its at the point where it does not even have to be mentioned. The assumption will be correct 99% of the time.

Why do they act like animals?

Anonymous said...

Can anyone see what's on the freak's t-shirt?

Anonymous said...

oh well, one less muslim terrorist plotting against the good ol u s of a

Anonymous said...

sad comments. ignorance...sorta goes without saying.

im surprised you guys didn't call him an illegal!

Babs said...

It's early . . .

Anonymous said...

again... immigrants being the murder victims that Americans won't be.

Anonymous said...

The Mobil on Roosevelt and College Point BLVD. is surrounded by projects. Combine this with the morons at the 109 I'm surprised this didn't happen sooner.

Anonymous said...

The camera is right on these mfs. They don't know about security cameras?!! What assholes!!!

They'll catch these idiots within a few days thanks to their own stupidity.

very sad story - my sympathies to the family and community.

Anonymous said...

if you are interested in learning about the depressing
facts of "the illegal alien crime wave" by heather mac donald?
scroll to Q.C."astoria,corona,st.albans murders" sat.7/24/10 and click to link,"better educate yourself before you call people bigots."

Anonymous said...


"Gun Bustin Flushing"

Anonymous said...

again... immigrants being the murder victims that Americans won't be.

My thought exactly. Where is Wade DaSilva when you need him?

Anonymous said...

Hard working immigrants are getting slaughtered by native section 8 sc*mbags. These mostly hard working poor folks are here to live an "American Dream" only to be treated like dog meat by the main stream society. This happens every week of every month of every year in Flushing. A-holes think they can do whatever they want as long as they get away with it. I hope they hang these mfs. Oh, wait a minute, NY liberals don't believe in death penalty or working in gas station like this poor guy. May be if more liberals get murder by native section 8 sc*mbags, they will believe in the death penalty. Jail them all, taxpapyers' money either go to section 8 as handout or to Rikers as a waste. Bring back death penalty for killers.