Thursday, July 22, 2010

Meeks' lending buddy is also shady

From the Daily News:

The mysterious benefactor of embattled Queens Democratic Rep. Gregory Meeks is a scandal-scarred real-estate agent and importer under fire for alleged fraud.

Edul Ahmad, who gave Meeks $40,000 in 2007, has been called "untrustworthy" by state authorities and is being sued for predatory lending, The Post has learned.

He's a longtime friend of both Meeks and state Sen. John Sampson. Meeks and Ahmad used to hold after-hours meetings in the congressman's office, according to an ex-staffer.

Although Ahmad has long been known in his community, he landed in the national spotlight last month when Meeks disclosed for the first time what he termed a "loan" from the businessman.

The congressman, who had not paid a cent on the loan in three years, said he paid back the advance in June with compounded interest of 12.5 percent.

Meeks is already under federal investigation for his role in a Queens charity with questionable spending.

Now Ahmad is being sued by two Queens brothers, immigrants from Bangladesh, who accuse him of predatory lending and fraud.

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Anonymous said...

He's shady and so are all the rest of his pals in Richmond Hill real estate. Their ties to Sampson go way back.