Friday, July 23, 2010

Cleaning up Bayside Cemetery

Hey remember the decrepit condition of Bayside Cemetery that I linked to here awhile back? Well, there is a group trying to fix it up, or at least de-weed it.



Anonymous said...

Where are Morris' descendants? Why does it have to take a complete stranger to maintain Morris' grave?

We are such a selfish society. We litter, vandalize, and abandon, because we know some good Samaritan will clean it up for us. Shame.

Peter said...

I'm the person who shot the video.

Morris' relatives might be dead, or broke, or living somewhere else, or don't even know they're related to him.

Even if they did, and knew he was buried somewhere in that cemetery, it would be a challenge to find him. There are 35,0000 graves there.

If you'd like to come to pitch in, we'd welcome the help.

Anonymous said...

If the synagogue that owns Bayside Cemetery (Congregation Shaare Zedek) in Manhattan hadn't improperly / illegally taken the money from the cemetery's trust accounts and used it for things other than the cemetery, the place might not look like it does and good samaritans might not have to spend their personal time cleaning the place up. Check out this website for more of this story:

Unknown said...

In the last year I started working on my family tree, and just today I received a death certificate for my great-granduncle, Isaak Cohen. He died at age 3 of croup and is buried at Bayside. I had never heard of the cemetery before today as the rest of his family is buried at Washington, and I'm distressed by what I've read online in the last hour.

Isaak's siblings died back in the 1940s and my grandmother (dead for 35 years now), the only descendent of the family, didn't know he existed.

I wish I could join you weeding. Thank you so much for your hard work, and caring. I appreciate having good Samaritans in the world.

Seattle, WA