Thursday, July 29, 2010

Office building as billboard

Not too long ago, someone wrote to me, "Check out the gigantic 2 story advertisements for Heineken Beer in Spanish on windows of an empty building on Northern Boulevard at the corner of 72 street in Jackson Heights!" I never got over there to take in the spectacle, but the Queens Tribune did.


Anonymous said...

Waste of money on the part of the advertiser. Completely unnoticeable.

Anonymous said...

This guy is a local Greek Businessman that owns a Columbian chain of restaurants in Astoria. This building took over ten years to build due to the numerous violations and destruction of an elderly womans home while she was living in it.

Anonymous said...

This building's even more of an eyesore in person, especially situated right next to the 'renovated' Mark Twain restaurant. We were better off with the crater left behind by the Arby's that used to stand at that site.