Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Meeks spending campaign cash on attorneys

From the Daily News:

Queens Congressman Gregory Meeks is paying for his troubles with campaign cash, handing out $28,500 to lawyers and press advisers dealing with a growing federal probe.

Last month, Meeks used $15,000 of his campaign funds to pay Dorsey & Whitney, the firm of his criminal defense lawyer, former federal prosecutor Michael Bellinger, records show.

In the last six months, Meeks' campaign has also paid out another $13,500 to the public relations firm of George Arzt.

Members of Congress are not supposed to use campaign funds for anything but campaign reasons, although many have spent their contributions on lawyers when they have come under investigation.

Neither Meeks nor Bellinger would answer questions about the payments.


georgetheatheist said...

Greg, you want a L or XL orange jumpsuit?

Gary A. said...

Hey! What about me? I'm spending even more!