Saturday, July 31, 2010

Selling the heroin Americans won't sell

From NBC:

Bronx District Attorney Robert T. Johnson announced the seizure of more than $1.5 million in cash and an undisclosed amount of heroin today. The money and illegal drugs were taken during the execution of 15 search warrants in the Fordham area of the Bronx.

The warrants also lead to the arrests of 31 alleged members with authorities expecting more as the investigation continues. Authorities say a vast majority of those arrested are either Latin King gang members or gang associates.

Johnson noted that the joint investigation was conducted over 9-months and included 28 court ordered wiretaps, video surveillance, undercover heroin “buys” and observation by NYPD detectives.

Detectives purchased 4 kilograms of heroin sold under various brands including the namesake, La Perla, Tuna, Salsa, and Sabroso throughout their investigation. They also recovered four guns and confiscated twelve vehicles.

Court documents note that the ring was active over a period of five years from July 23, 2005 through July 22, 2010.


Anonymous said...

is it possible the gang members crossed the border illegally at Arizona and made their way to the bronx?

is not liberal democrat dictatorship grand ?

Anonymous said...

5 years??? I guess it's about time.

Anonymous said...

Is not it possible that thing one has nothing to do with other each?

In not good grammar grand?

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised nobody is asking the question "Who's buying the heroin?" I'm guessing it's Americans.

You can harp all you want on the bad bad bad drug dealers - here illegally or legally - but the symptom won't disappear until the disease is cured. So let's ask why so many Americans feel the need to dose with heroin.

Anonymous said...

How do you know it's Americans using it? How about all the dirtbags we allow into the country these days?

Queens Crapper said...

This is where you're wrong.

They are creating the market for this drug, not just supplying it.

Immigrants from an obscure corner of Mexico are changing heroin use in many parts of America.

Farm boys from a tiny county that once depended on sugar cane have perfected an ingenious business model for selling a semi-processed form of Mexican heroin known as black tar.

Using convenient delivery by car and aggressive marketing, they have moved into cities and small towns across the United States, often creating demand for heroin where there was little or none. In many of those places, authorities report increases in overdoses and deaths.

Keep the illegals out and you keep the heroin out.

Anonymous said...

its so cheap now you can buy H or a pack of cigarettes. its so pure now you can snort it, not have to shoot up like back in the 70s. combine that with the highest on record rate of unemployment for 16-24 yr olds, and you have a major problem shaping up in the coming yrs...