Friday, July 23, 2010

More on the Nadler incident...

The Congressman admitted stiffing the cabbie, apologized, and has now retracted his apology and is chastising the driver in the press. The confusion was caused by the Chair of the Taxicab Commission and is what happens when drivers are not included in crafting of regulations. If you review the four screenshots of the regulation, commission minutes, and frequently asked questions on the Commission web site you will see that the Congressman was wrong, and the driver was in fact right. Furthermore, the appropriate process is to pay the driver, keep the receipt, and file a complaint.

The screenshots are at:


Anonymous said...

what do we expect from a D.C. commissioner who was appointed by a liberal/democrat mayor. he is never going to defend the system against another democratic /liberal politician from n.y.c.

an elitest pol. will always win over a cabdriver.the left wing m.s.m. in D.C. will defend Nadler.

that is the way progressives function.

it would be another result if Nadler was an independent or republican. the double standard exists.

Anonymous said...

That fat bastard should be walking and riding a bike instead of taking cabs anyway!