Friday, July 23, 2010

More noise in LIC!

From the Daily News:

A blaring alarm from a building in Long Island City was the source of a weeks-long mystery for some locals.

The shrieking sound from the two-story, windowless structure on Second St. near Borden Ave. - which sources said houses a vent for railroad tracks that lead to Penn Station - sometimes sounds for days at a time, locals said.

And it baffled residents who tried to figure out who was to blame for the noise.

"No one was taking responsibility," said Khalil Hymore, 33, who first tried logging a complaint weeks ago. "It was a lot of run-around."

A sign posted on the front of the building states that the building is the property of the Long Island Rail Road. But when Hymore, who lives in the nearby Citylights high-rise, called the agency, he hit a dead end.

"They'd say it wasn't their building," he said. The agency eventually told him the space was leased to Amtrak.

"When we called Amtrak, the people I spoke to had no knowledge that this building existed," he said. "They said I had to call the MTA."

The structure is, in fact, shared by both the LIRR and Amtrak. Officials at the federal rail company are now investigating the source of the alarm, a spokesman said.


Anonymous said...

How do you fucking not know you own a building???

Who works in there? Who services the equipment????

Magic pixies?

Anonymous said...

wow. only in LIC,either yuppies or crazies

Anonymous said...

You live in a industrial area condo newbie's next to a large train yard.
Do you think the developer cared where he built that which people flocked to live naively?

Cant wait till they build apts\condo's on top of the Sunnyside yards to listen to those stories.