Thursday, July 29, 2010

Silly question, I know

We've got word from Matches Malone again. Click on above building report.

See here for history of this baby.

So...when is this place going to get shut down for good?


Anonymous said...

ottom line when they make illegal structures, don't follow the law AND bother other people for their own selfish pursuits, they need to be reprimanded and reported.

Get in line, there are 10's of Thousands of illegally constructed or modified homes that do not meet the property CO. There is also a backlog of fraudulent self-certified architectural CO ahead of you. The city better beef up it's coffers when these joints go on fire or injure the public and get sued big time. Corrupt Building inspectors long gone are responsible for turning the other way while some of these properties were issued CO. We are waiting for justice & report every property to 311 that you suspect is illegally converted or in use outside of the CO.

Anonymous said...

Funny how the city goes apeshit because tweeder parents let their kids eat lead paint chips and now everyone is stuck with lead removal, yet when it comes to illegal conversions everyone is clueless.

Anonymous said...

Matches Malone = Greatest alias name used by Bruce Wayne in disguise!!!