Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tennisport's undignified end

From LTVSquad:

It's a story of a family run business, given the boot by a government that just plain doesn't represent the people anymore. These people built a business in an area that, at the time, no one wanted to touch. They survived and drew the rich and famous to their courts. Hell, John McEnroe paid for a court to be built there.

Tennisport first opened 33 years ago. It was the late 70s - a time when LIC was sucking wind. Manufacturing jobs first started to dry up around this time. The Daily News closed up shop, along with the BEDT and countless others. Even the LIRR's old freight yard shut down - a victim of too few goods to be shipped out.

The view of midtown manhattan though, was priceless - priceless enough for the government to force the owners to sell their property via threats of eminent domain.

When I saw the plywood fences go up, I knew I had to get to work. Tennisport had lay vacant for nearly a year and it's days were up. Heavy equipment soon arrived on the scene and it was now or never.

...the tennis courts were being bulldozed left and right. The building interiors were stripped nearly bare with the except of some leftovers in the kitchen and behind the bar.

The interior of the historic former Queens County Bank building stood vacant with the except of a small apartment upstairs. The loss of this historic building is truly sad. Surely it could have been made into some sort of park building or visitor center.


Sergey Kadinsky said...

I had no idea the Romanesque-style bank is slated for demolition.

Anonymous said...

the Queens County bank (now the N.Y.COMMUNITY BANK), never issued any subprime loans to the free loaders in the past.

they demanded solid citizens with jobs and collateral.

they expanded with bank branches in the tri-state area as well as nationally.

they rejected an obama $500,000,000,00 TARP bribe to control the business.

Lino said...

"they rejected an obama $500,000,000,00 TARP bribe to control the business."

Typical con-servative lies.

TARP was not to "control" but to save our failing banking system after the gop with Clinton's acquiescence repealed a the Glass/Steagel Law that kept banks from playing Casino with our money.

If a bank was not in trouble, it did not take TARP. No great conservative heroics here.

You are either blinded by ideology..or just stupid.

Keep those whoppers comin' old man.

Anonymous said...

there you go again......lino ,the liar,liberal loyalass.

give us one of your sites, that no one reads.

you never did explain the venona project intercepts? why?