Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Con Ed didn't pay out enough

From the NY Post:

Con Ed reimbursed only a fraction of the money lost during a 2006 power outage in Queens that lasted 10 days.

That's according to a Pace University study that says the July 2006 blackout affected 174,000 people and cost about $188 million. The report says the utility reimbursed residents and companies $17 million.

Assemblyman Richard Brodsky says the company should be required to pay for all the damages. He says he's sponsoring a bill that would require utility companies to pay for any negligent damages for which they are responsible.

Con Edison spokesman Chris Olert said losses could have been much worse. He said the company is doing a better job at tracking and preventing power outages.

State investigators said the massive outage was triggered by a failure of company executives to heed warnings by employees that large portions of the Queens power grid were in need of repair.

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Anonymous said...

The recent coverage of this study neglects to mention that Western Queens residents worked for years to get this study. It was an important item in a settlement package that was hard won. Neither the City, the State or Con Edison wanted the real numbers on damages to be known. Now we know. Now legislators and regulators had better do something about it. $188 millions dollars in value is a lot for a community to lose.