Monday, November 23, 2009

Sky is literally falling

From the NY Post:

The city's building boom has come crashing down -- in some cases literally.

Scores of mothballed construction projects are on the verge of collapsing, forcing officials to spend millions to demolish or shore them up, records show.

In the fiscal year that ended in June, at a cost of roughly $10,000 per site, emergency scaffolding sheds were placed around 75 buildings -- nearly triple the 27 in fiscal 2007, according to the Department of Housing Preservation and Development.

Then there's the ever-present problem of squatters. The city didn't lock up a single vacant building three years ago, but it was forced over the last fiscal year to seal the doors and windows of 47 abandoned ones -- all to keep vagrants out. The cost? An average of $2,000 per building.

The number demolished has also soared, from 53 in fiscal 2008 to 75 this past fiscal year. That averaged out to $49,000 a building.

Debris from city properties, meanwhile, has rained down on at least 15 pedestrians this year, according to Department of Buildings records.


Taxpayer said...

It's a real curiosity that the Commissar refuses to apply eminent domain to property such as these.

Oops! No more curiosity!

I figured it out!

These building sites already belong to wealthy crony developer pals of the Commissar.

They would stop paying the Commissar any "commission" for taking other people's private property for their profitable pleasure.

Property theft gives joy only when it's done to the politically unconnected private property owners.

Building on Your Head Party said...

We applaud this excellent policy which simultaneously displaces riff-raff urchins and slatterns from their hovels while simultaneously opening up new opportunities from growth in the construction, health and safety fields.

Building on your Head for a richer New York!

Anonymous said...

One thing about a shoddily built Tommy Huang project is that it falls apart by itself.

No need for the city to spend our tax money in demolishing it!

Chicken Little said...

I'm launching "Operation Sky Watch".

Anonymous said...

Maspeth Mom says....

When you see that blue fence beware. Cross the street or walk around the block, never go under those bridges. They mean nothing if a worker drops a 2x4 - it will come crashing right through, and will will never know what hit you.
Those "protection barriers" are useless, ask any construction worker if they would let there kids walk underneath it.