Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cambria Heights man shot over big screen TV

From the NY Post:

A Queens man was shot by a group of thugs in a home-invasion robbery — but the bumbling thieves had to ditch the massive TV they were trying to steal when they realized it wouldn’t fit in their car, authorities and witnesses said.

The victim, a retired mason identified by neighbors as Bentley White, 64, was hit in the body and taken to Jamaica Hospital where he was reported in stable condition, cops said.

The botched Black Friday heist unfolded at the house he shares with his wife and two grown children on 223rd Street, near 130th Avenue in Cambria Heights at 8:30 a.m.

White was loading a trailer with construction materials for a vacation house that he was rebuilding on the island of Jamaica as well as a 47-inch flat-screen LG TV.

It’s not clear if the thieves followed him into the house, but they shot him in the kitchen and tried to flee with the cumbersome screen.

Witness Dudley Young said that he was looking out his window and arguing as they tried to stuff the box into the trunk of their car.

"I saw three guys by the lamp pole fighting with each other over the box," he said.

"The box was on the side of their car and then they just left it."


Judy said...

This poor man, shot for no reason. I hope they catch these thugs ASAP. Time to start protecting ourselves,
try for affordable home security.

Anonymous said...

They'll have ample time to watch the free cable in Riker's Island.

I hope that this expensive TV was unbroken and will be returned to the man once it is unnecessary for the trial. He suffered enough for it.

In the meantime, shop discretely. Bring friend. This is robbery season. This is not the first person who has been assaulted for a Christmas gift and it won't be the last.

Anonymous said...

Christmas gifts? are you serious? I can't afford any.

tell me it was Black or Spanish men between the ages of 14 and 26 who did this.

Anonymous said...

Savages........the "i gotsta get paid" mentality.

Anonymous said...

These guys need to be caught plain and simple