Thursday, November 19, 2009

4 NYC Fire Officers Disciplined over Inspections

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- Four New York City fire officers are being disciplined for failing to properly inspect buildings.

Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta said Tuesday that the two fire captains and two fire lieutenants did not spend the required three hours inspecting buildings in their areas.

Fire Department units are required to spend three hours inspecting buildings on each of three different days each week.

The inspections have taken on added urgency since two firefighters died at the former Deutsche Bank building near ground zero in 2007.

The officers were fined either five or 10 days' pay and assigned to work at headquarters.

Al Hagan, the president of the Uniformed Fire Officers Association, said fire officers need more training in how to perform the inspections.


Anonymous said...

I have a mountain of respect for NY's bravest, but I dont understand why they need a full firetruck to sit in a bus stop and stand running while 3 firefighters shop for groceries.

Anonymous said...

approximately 10 years ago,the absentee landlord of a two family house rented his converted illegal was next to my one family house.
the two male renters lit candles all over the basement,to celebrate valentines day.they then left for a short time and the basement and first floor caught fire.
the firemen from the f.lewis blvd./39 ave. house,responded within minutes.they had to down my two fences to reach the back entrance of the basement.they could not enter through the front garage.
these fire men are my heroes,and i always salute them for their dedication.

the landlords insurance covered the damage. d.o.b. never fined him for the illegal basement conversion.
as of this date he still rents it out. d.o.b writes him off after two complaints.

Anonymous said...

Father's Day Fire anyone? Illegally-stored propane combined with a brainless teenage vandal took the lives of three men, put two in intensive care and injured sixty.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Taxpayer said...

Anonymous said...
"...dont understand why they need a full firetruck to sit in a bus stop and stand running while 3 firefighters shop for groceries."

- - -

Suppose they get the call that YOUR house is on fire?

Anonymous said...

Maspeth Moms says...

So they need the rig running while the firefighters are inside on line at Stop and Shop?

That is a little over the top - Just idling, wasting gasoling and pumping out fumes is not a good thing for anyone.

I am sure the chauffuer can get the rig started while the firefighters leave the supermarket and run to the rig.

Lets use come common sense

Anonymous said...

I'm sure they have it idle to power their electronics such as their dispatch radio and stuff. Otherwise it would drain the battery and you would have some really embarrassed fire fighters. Or maybe not.

Anonymous said...

Here, here. I've wondered for years why the fire truck needs to be idling in the supermkt lot while the fire fighters are shopping inside. Why could they not drive to the store in a car like the rest of us,& if an emergency gets called in, the truck passes by the store to pick them up. We all carry cell phones/beepers & all kinds of communications devices. It's not like they're more than a minute or so away from the firehouse.

Anonymous said...

Maybe in your neighborhood there's a grocery store 2 blocks from every firehouse. Would you like to be the one trapped in a fire while the firemen stand outside and wait for their truck to leave the firehouse to go to the grocery store and then go in the OPPOSITE direction to come get you?

Anonymous said...

And yes, the truck running powers the department radio so their runs can be received and they can drop their groceries and go to your emergency without delay.

Oh and if you can't deal with exhaust fumes... get out of new york.

Anonymous said...

Why do they need to bring the truck to the Supermarket?

Why do they need to GO to the supermarket???

Its 2009. Try FreshDirect, or any supermarket that makes local deliveries.

Anonymous said...

Last I heard, Stop & Shop delivers, as well as Pioneer. No need to go shopping in person and waste valuable gasoline. Make a list and call the store.

Anonymous said...

what a bunch of whiners...
They're spending their own money and cooking their own food, if you want to complain about wasting gas, ask the city why they have every fire companies driving around 3 hours a day doing building inspection which should be DOB's job. Boo-hoo, the fire truck went to C-Town for 20 minutes.
By the way in the LIC Queensbridge houses the other day, a ladder company was on the way to the grocery store on vernon blvd and was flagged down for a fire. They immediately saved a mother and 2 children from a 5th floor burning apartment, while a response from their quarters would've taken 3 minutes instead of 5 seconds.

A structural fire doubles in intensity every 30 seconds. There would've been 3 dead people in Apt 5A if the company had ordered from "Stop and Shop" or "Fresh Direct"

Find something useful to complain about.

Anonymous said...

Ask the 1yr old and 3yr old in the hospital if they would've like that company to stay at their firehouse and order lunch, meanwhile there's no guarantee the company would even be in the house to accept the delivery when they got there.
I bet you guys all voted for Bloomberg.

Anonymous said...

Hey Maspeth Mom, you're the one with no common sense. Hope it's not your house burning down when the fireman run out to start up the truck. Duh!

Anonymous said...

Truck engines don't always turn over quickly, especially in cold weather, and anything diesel powered is even worse than a gas engine.

Also, Fresh Direct works on the concept that someone will take delivery within a specific 2-hour period on a given day.

How would that work with people who can be called out on a moment's notice?

Anonymous said...

Maybe some of the posters on here should move out to Long Island where there is no professional fire department that is constantly ready to go, just a few feet from their truck, 24 hours a day.

Houses outside NYC burn because firemen drive from their homes to the volunteer firehouse, get their gear on, get on the rigs, and then go. Response times in NYC from 911 call to arrival is under 5 minutes and thats with traffic.
Suburban Volunteers companies? ...Better hope you're home with some fire extinguishers.
Maybe you should ask the FDNY to apoligize for always being ready for YOUR emergency. And as for keeping their truck on... one less thing to do when YOU or your family is in trouble.

Anonymous said...

They don't burn gas,it's diesel.Also,if they had it delivered,they wouldn't be able to stuff all the goodies in their boots and turnout gear or get the ff discount!

Anonymous said...

Maspeth Mom says.

If you read my comment - I said I dont know why the rig has to idle why they are inside. When they get the radio call by time the firefighters get outsdie the rig can be started by the chauffer.

You just read what you want to read - just looking for a fight- GO AWAY DOPEY

Anonymous said...

Maspeth Mom, I am going to post a link to how a diesal engine works. Then you will know exactly why truck engines and train engines idle as they do:

Since the engine may start slowly or not at all, especially on cold days, you and your family may burn to death so they city can save fuel.

Anonymous said...

They don't seem to have a problem starting them up to leave the firehouse.

Flawed argument.

Anonymous said...

You would not know whether they have problems starting them up, because you are not there when they do.

By the way, have you ever cranked your own car engine for several minutes to start it on a cold day?

Do you know repeatedly shutting off an engine and turning it on wastes fuel and causes premature wear and breakdown?

Most cab drivers hand-off still running cabs to their relief drivers to extend the life of the car and reduce fuel usage.

I am not a firefighter, but my father and several members of my family drive for a living and I was raised around cars all my life.

Again, please google an article of your choice on Diesel engines and then decide whether you want this done.

Anonymous said...

They start them up at the firehouse INSIDE WHERE ITS 70 DEGREES! RETARD!

Anonymous said...

No, they start them up when the firehouse doors are open, which they keep open year round. I work next door to one, so I have witnessed them start up the engines many a time.

Anonymous said...

"They start them up at the firehouse INSIDE WHERE ITS 70 DEGREES! RETARD!"

And the excuse for having them idle outside the supermarket in the summertime is...?

Anonymous said...

And you said, to turn off the engines period. Not just in the summer. So winter doesn't arrive in your part of New York.

As for the "retard" remark, as my mom always said, "it takes one to know one."

Anonymous said...

Actually, I'm not Maspeth Mom so I didn't say that.

Anonymous said...

Maspeth Moms says..

I actually work around several large diesel rigs, that are stored outside, and they never have a problem starting, even in 10 degree weather.

If firefighters were spending 5-10 minutes inside Pioneer or Stop & Shop, I would say they probably would use less fuel by idling instead of re-starting the engine. But they are inside the shop for at least 30-40 minutes. And actually the inital poster complained about them idling in a bus stop.