Sunday, November 22, 2009

Coyote wandering around Rochdale Village

From CBS 2:

A four-legged animal that has been spotted in Queens has people nervous. And talking. And they have the pictures to back it up.

Maybe, somewhere in the more wooded areas around Rochdale Village, maybe … the creature lurks. Traps have been set. But people, like Darnell Brunston have already taken pictures. And they're not waiting to be told what it is. They're giving it a name.

"I saw him the other night. He's taller than me when he stands up on his two hind legs. That is a coyote! I'm a country boy from Georgia. That's exactly what it is," resident Richard Howard said.

Noreen Savage said the idea of some kind of animal roaming around out there makes her nervous and she wants it captured.

Animal Control officers have set up a series of traps. They think they're going to find a stray dog. But you never know.


Anonymous said...

Maybe he can drop by Astoria and eat the river rats that run in our streets.

Richard said...

Really great blog, keep it up buddy…Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

dats not how dat piece of shit look
its blak and skinny wit a long ass tail and tall ears