Sunday, November 29, 2009

Forgotten-NY tours Catalpa Avenue

Interesting sights to be seen along the avenue known as Catalpa in Ridgewood. Click photo for story.


Anonymous said...

I recenly moved 50 miles away, but I still go to Morscher's Pork Store once a week. Ridgewood is still great place.

Anonymous said...

I still remember the day that the steeple blew off the Ridgewood Baptist Church. What a mess.

As for the 104th, too bad it only serves as a retirement home. The only other function is serves is blocking pedestrian access on the sidewalk thanks to private vehicles being parked on it. You know, these fit, healthy officers can be bothered to walk more than 50 feet to the front door, so they just park where they please.

As for the old German sign, its just a memory of the once quite, safe, and clean area that was once Ridgewood, eh gringo?

Anonymous said...

Morscher's Meat can't be beat! The best wursts in NYC!