Thursday, November 26, 2009

You get what you pay for

From the NY Times:

Federal investigators reported on Monday that a “strong association” exists between chemicals in Chinese drywall installed in thousands of homes during the housing boom and electrical problems in those homes.

In addition, investigators said that the drywall was a possible cause of respiratory problems reported by homeowners, brought on by hydrogen sulfide gas emitted from the imported drywall in combination with formaldehyde, which is common in new homes.

The finding, released by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, is the second in a series of progress reports on a widespread investigation into complaints by homeowners that their newly built homes were giving off a rotten egg odor and causing respiratory problems, and that appliances and electrical systems were failing quickly.

A probe of American drywall is also in the works.


Missing Foundation said...

Oh hell, this ain't the least of it, but siting major construction projects on flood plains, and even worse, profoundly toxic brownfields that will result in signficant pathologies for the residents is a major crime.

Snake Plissskin said...

Missing, if you talk about sickness, how about the self styled Media Captial of the World's fixation on Forgettable singers and dancers and divas, but blissfully ignoring your points - everyone knows about it, no one wants to talk about it.

THAT is the pathology.

Sons of Liberty said...

Both you guys missed a major point: the squandering of billions of dollars away from the public infrastructure into the pockets of developers.

Millions of taxpayers are forced to take money from their families and give it to the government.

They are told they must pay these taxes because they are lead to believe that it will go back into their communities for schools, sanitation, etc.

They hold tax revolts because they look around and don't see this happening.

What would they say if they discovered that the sweat of their hardscrabble lives was used to line the pockets of sinfully rich plutocrats who are financing their daughters' vacations as they whore it up on spring break in Berumda?

I am not suggesting we tar and feather developers, or toss construction equipment into the bay, but the public is waking up and ...

Anonymous said...

I'm convinced the Chinese are trying to kill us off slowly but surely. First the baby formula, then the dog food, now drywall. We should only buy American products. Buy American and keep American jobs.

Anonymous said...

Gee...heh, heh, heh...think of all those brand new "luxury" buildings that might have used Chinese dry wall!

The "yellow peril" just can't be trusted.

However...the Chinese government did execute two men who were responsible for the recent tainting of Chinese milk!

They score some points for that one.

Now if only the USA would adopt a similar policy for egregiously crooked CEOs and pyramid schemers like Maddoff I'd be much more hopeful of busting up our own system of corruption.

Death is the greatest deterrent to any future crooked pols getting too cocky.

Can you name a corrupt pol who you'd like to see executed?

Anonymous said...

Actually further news reports have already indicated that some top American companies have produced bad drywall that off gases sulfur which corrodes copper wiring and plumbing.

Glad I live in a real plaster walled crib!

Most of the newer building materials are toxic.

Vinyl siding off gases some dangerous fumes.

Anonymous said...

Poor wiring that will start to spark within the decade, stucco sliding that starts to fall off in big chunks sooner, co-ops filled with a half dozen transients, yes, we have a lot to be thankful and look forward to the future today.

And people, lay off the stupid racist comments. Afterall, the word 'shoddy' described shoes made for the Union Army 150 years ago.

Anonymous said...

We're filling our homes with toxic substitutes for the natural materials we used to use.

We're putting plastic derivative clothing on our with additives in our stomachs...etc.

Developing allergies...which is a breakdown of our immune systems...will be the least of our worries for the future of our children.

The government doesn't tell you much about this kind of stuff because we're all too fully vested in the money being made from all this poison.

Anonymous said...

"Racist" ass!

It's the truth!

The Chinese ARE A CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER to the world!

They care little enough for their own lives.

The Chinese mother who drowns her own newborn daughter in a well because she wanted a son.

Life is cheap where billions of people overcrowd their country!

Don't impose your unsanitary overpopulated conditions on America.

Anonymous said...

Never mind...Obama will continue kissing Chinese butt because they own a substantial portion of our national debt!

Never insult your banker in the far east!

Continue to give them more US markets for their dangerous products!

Gary A said...

And I helped!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the School Construction Authority will employ the same Chinese firms to build some new schools in NYC.

The same ones that were responsible for the school building collapses that killed hundreds of children in China!

Yeah...if the right pols get their palms greased with money!

Hello Congressman Ackerman!
What was your take for the year?

$10,00 from column "A" and $8,000 from column "B"?

Wun Hung Low said...

I think you no likee our products because they're cheapee made and cheepee price.

Anonymous said...

Watch out for those lead glazed China dinner plates you might be eating off of!

Anonymous said...

The problem is where does anyone buy American?

"Walmart" accounts for, I think, 10-16% of the total imports coming in from China!

H-m-m-m....that's where America shops because they can't afford any better.

I'd say our system is already on the skids.

Give it about 50 more years 'til we become 3rd rate.

Anonymous said...

Blame the white CEO's. They're the ones who are outsourcing everything to China.

Anonymous said...

Ask Gary Ackerman why he's remained on the far east committee for so long!

Maybe it helps out his other partners...Nusbaum & their "Trib" whore business.

They say that Asian girls do it better!

Who'd wanna ball old fat bald gross Gary?

Anonymous said...

Never mind...Obama will continue kissing Chinese butt because they own a substantial portion of our national debt!

Never insult your banker in the far east!
Continue to give them more US markets for their dangerous products!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

OK! But then acknowledge Bush kissed Chinese ass for 10 billion a month for Iraqi oil invasion that didnt need to cost that much that benefited private contractors. All of that money was borrowed. And the pet food with malamine in it was two years ago or more.

The article also mentions that a U.S. company is using the exact mix also to make their drywall as Chines garbage. And what is made in America anymore?? A little steel? No clothes thats for sure.

And think twice about those plastic bottles everyone for water,juice, and food containers.

Anonymous said...

"i.e. The Chinese mother who drowns her own newborn daughter in a well because she wanted a son."

Get off your moral high horse! Let's not forget the American mother who recently allowed her 5 y.o. daughter to be raped and murdered. This has nothing to do with race -- you're just too simple-minded to realize that. This is about greed and Americans have shown they are just as greedy as anyone.