Saturday, November 28, 2009

Forest Hills illegal construction saga drags on

"Dear Crapper,

This guy really should be in jail at this point right?

One other thing, as I was passing 108th street I noticed that there was a "for rent" sign for Albert Cohen's law office. Wasn't he under investigation by the department of elections for fraud?"

Matches Malone


Anonymous said...

The owner's address ?? Is there really an address in Fresh Meadows of
Relationship to Owner: OWNER
Business Name: OWNER Business
Business Address: 110-46 63RD ROAD FRESH MEADOWS NY 11375


Anonymous said...

Nope -- more like a Corona or Rego Park Address.

Anonymous said...

Actually, 11375 is Forest Hills, and the address is up the street from my apartment building in FH, so it's not Corona or Rego Park, technically.