Wednesday, November 25, 2009

DOB signs off on illegal Huang project

"An expediter comes around the Huang property on Mazeau Street frequently. One day I asked her why there is a curb cut in front of the window, because I thought parking on the front lawn was illegal. She replied, 'Well, the DOB inspector was just here and signed off on it.'" - anonymous

Hmm. Well, I knew that this house is in an R4-1 contextual zone. And I also knew about the ban on lawn paving. But I wanted to ask an urban planner if he thought this was kosher. Here's the response:

"Total BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At LEAST 20% of the property has to be landscaped green space.

No way that's legal.

That's in the R4-1, right? Two 2-families only.

The parking's fucked as well."

And there you have it. They also need to replace the street tree they destroyed.


Taxpayer said...

All those small kickbacks add up.

And lord knows, the Commissar needs those payments.

How else can he finance a fourth term? Well, OK, he could AGAIN use tax paid facilities and staffers.

But, taking kickbacks is such cheesy fun.

Anonymous said...

How does Huang get away with it? Who is he connected to?

Phantom of The Council said...

Obviously Tommy Huang (& Sons) still have that "back door" into city hall that he once bragged about!

Why not question Gary Ackerman about all of the Asian connections being on the far east committee?

Oh...but wouldn't that interrupt the flow on the laundered money conduit from Asia?

Gary and Tommy were close pals in the early 1980s weren't they?

That might explain why he (and the Staviskys) always had so much money to run political campaigns with!

Let's see what the House Ethics Committee will have to say about Congressman Gary's shady dealings over the years!

We're waiting for a reply to our request for an investigation.

Better watch your asses too...Mike Shenckler, Mike Nussbaum and all you other old Donald Manes cronies!

Your case is already on the fire "granny" Shulman.

We'll occasionally stick a fork in you and let the public when your done to a turn!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what website/where I can find the building limits or whatever it is called at?

For exmaple R1. R1-2 and such.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but how have they all gotten away with that for this long? NO ONE's called them out on their unethical behavior?

Anonymous said...

Google "Yard Text Amendment" NYC Planning

I believe that this project was started before those rules went into effect.

Obviously, though, this is still built incorrectly because there must be 16 feet between curb cuts. Do they even have permission for two curb cuts??

Have not looked at the permit info yet...

And surely Huang must have a Builder's Pavement Plan (BPP) permit...

Anonymous said...

another rotten building from a rotten family

Anonymous said...

What a nice looking box! My 10 yr old can design better. Love the cheap $75 front door. Let me guess, this is a luxury two family.

georgetheatheist said...

I always love those elegantly curved balcony balusters. So convenient for the bicycle's wheel.

Anonymous said...

how is he allowed to have a driveway under a window!!!! pay off big time.

T. Huang said...

What me worry?

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to deport this guys ass. He's probably an illegal immigrant. I will say, he must have the dirt on Queens politicians for him to have a free pass to ruin residential areas with his eyesores. The DOB can't get rid of this guy and lets him get away with murder. I'd love to know what info he is holding against the Queens Machine.

Anonymous said...

much like the 3-family rental on otto road in glendale... also in an R4-1!!!!