Monday, November 30, 2009

No way Jose is going away

From Interactive Journalism:

Jose arrived in the U.S. seven years ago from El Salvador. He walked from his home country to Mexico City, and then to the border, where he crossed by himself.

Jose is a day laborer. He works in construction whenever a contractor needs him, which means, in this economy, that he may stay without working for two weeks or more.

Currently he lives in a rented room in the Bronx, but there were times when he didn’t have money to pay any rent. During those days he slept in parks or shelters.

This is where the American Dream is possible, people said. Jose is skeptical about it. Nevertheless, going back to El Salvador is not an option. “Things are even worse over there.”


Anonymous said...

Jose should walk right back over the border and make his dream come true in his own country; there are already too many dreamers in this country to fullfill yet alone so many Jose' and chicas to keep occupied.

Anonymous said...

Jose is just the salt spray on the top of the population wave. Pretty soon their will be no place left to live here or there.

Anonymous said...

Their dream is turning into a taxpayer's nightmare. Go over to Mexico and see if that government will bend the laws for you and give you all the services that the illegals get here.

Auntie Invasion said...

Jose’s trip lasted a year and a half. “I walked and stopped to work and make some money, so I could continue the journey.”

The biggest disappointment, he said, was when he found out that the American Dream wasn’t such. “I imagined that life was going to be different. People here are selfish.”

Jose, that's because a lot of em are line jumpers just like you are.
love it or leave it!

Anonymous said...

why are we supposed to cry for Jose?

who is crying for the homeless Americans sleeping in the subways? A lot of them are older people. why isn't the journalist writing about getting them housing?

Anonymous said...

Charity begins at home. It's about time our politicians take care of Americans who are out of work and can't afford the high rents, taxes and health care. Screw all these illegals. Let them go home where they belong. We need people in government that are going to care about our American citizens and their needs. These criminals are not entitled to anything in our country, yet the bleeding heart politicians give them everything.

Anonymous said...

Let's ship out all the Joses and the rest of the illeagals to Afghanistan. Bring home all our men and women and let these dreamers live there dreams out there. Little fuckers, and I mean little, are such cowards that they would never honor our country but they'll live off us. I say revolution, it's time to take our country back. The Lord knows our elected officals will just continue to turn a blind eye to them. The babbling blind Patterson does it very well. Let's not stop the "Jose", let's just make matters worse by letting them stay. Then they wonder why our city, state and country is in such a mess financially.....

Anonymous said...

“I imagined that life was going to be different. People here are selfish.”

WHAT? You imagined hard-working Americans would meet you at the border you illegally crossed and greet you with rainbows, flowers, and streams of gold?!

What a piece of crap.

Anonymous said...

Jose needs to get a dictionary and look up the word selfish. Hard-working taxpayers footing the bills for his food stamps, free health care at city hospitals, and all his other perks because he is here illegally are NOT selfish. Try the word generous. Oh, and by the way Jose, don't forget to say Thank You. That's Gracias in your language.

Anonymous said...

Jose is seeking entitlement - already a dirty concept to legal residents. But if our own citizens are suffering currently - they are - then resources must go to citizens not ever Jose.

Jose is a beggar looking for a hand-out without offering anything except creating crime and stealing health, security and sanitation resources that he is not paying for. Get the hell out of our country, don't bother having babies here, either.

-Joe said...

“I say revolution; it's time to take our country back”

Amen, the government has just another extension of all the corrupt corporations who see these parasites as cheap labor. All Lobbying (AKA PAYOLA) to elected officials should be illegal.
----It’s not going to happen.

The system has become to corrupt.
Regrettably the run of the mill American Anglo man is to beat from working his ass off to pay for these parasites or 2: Become a lazy good for nothing “girlieman” choosing to watch scripted game shows watch singing & dancing on TV during election nights.

BTW ALL the TV networks owned by corporate scumbags, friends who lobby people like Bloomberg.
--They know this BTW.

Try and view the Rockefeller center tree lighting this Thursday. You wont get near the place unless you work for Disney, General Electric or Bloomberg.
They are going to close the streets !
They even shut down SNL is going to be repeats.

I never seen so many non Christian people, transplants involved in a NYC Christmas Tree Lighting in my life.

-F_ Jose !

Anonymous said...

"I never seen so many non Christian people, transplants involved in a NYC Christmas Tree Lighting..."

-Joe, your rant as always is an incomprehensible imbroglio of intolerance and illiteracy. But even YOU probably can't explain what you mean by the above statement.

Anonymous said...

What part don't you understand?

"You wont get near the place unless you work for Disney, General Electric or Bloomberg. They are going to close the streets."

Those are mostly non-Christian people (aka Jews or "enlightened" atheists) and transplants from elsewhere.

-Joe said...

Can anybody give ONE VALED REASON one law abiding citizen needs to be "Tolerant" to criminal foreign nationals raping & trespassing in my country?
This includes the special interest pieces of shit officials who suck up, aid and abet to them?


I’m on a PDA take up the autotext with Apple, funny how “the educated” always pick spelling and Grammar to debase the point of a post.
Dont like it DONT READ IT !!

Anonymous said...

Jose called the American citizen "SELFISH".

SELFISH is a new marxist word to demonize American's,into tolerating the socialist crap that is being forced on us.

Anonymous said...

Jose and his kind are like Locusts, multiplying and consuming everything in sight.
Then move on.
Thats why his home country is a broken over-flowing cesspool with no schools and currupt goverment
These people will do the same thing here.

The "Fall" has already started in the NYC & Los Angeles schools no thanks to both Mayors santuary city policys.
----Socialists want everbody stupid and the fighting middle class destroyed !

-Joe said...

As expected the "People" running the now "holiday" tree lighting are giving everbody who worked there butts (some as long as 30 years) off a Christmas gift.