Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Project goes downhill after worker's death

From WNYC:

In November 2008, WNYC aired a two-part report called "The Cost of Doing Business." It was an in-depth look at a construction accident that took the life of Mexican immigrant Jose Palacios. Palacios fell off of a poorly secured scaffold at a new luxury condominium tower in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. Now, a year later, reporters Matthew Schuerman and Cindy Rodriguez revisit the story. None of the condos have sold, the building is facing foreclosure, and Palacios’ family continues to grieve his death.


Taxpayer said...

Goddamn illegal aliens and their deaths.

Once Mexican "immigrant" Jose Palacios decided to get killed, this condo has suffered a Mexican standoff.

We try to sell, but nobody wants to buy.

And then some moron suggested that hereafter we should do the legal thing and hire only US citizens who can read. So, we had Garcia, our illegal alien from Guatemala fire that moron.

Poor Garcia. He just fell out from a window on the 30th floor. He was unable to read the warning that no safety glass had yet been installed.

Too bad for Garcia. The warning sign was written in Chinese, by Yin Lee, who just swam ashore in the Rockaways for the job interview. Poor Yin. He stepped into an elevator shaft on the 40th floor. He thought it was the Men's room. Elevator, men's room. Goddamn illiterates.

Anonymous said...

It seems to actually be a nice building.

Fatty Arbuckle said...

Citizenship status should be irrelevant to this discussion. A worker died in an accident, apparently the result of negligence.

If anyone were to suggest that an American deserves damages but an illegal worker, well, shouldn't have been working in the first place and doesn't deserve ANYTHING... That'd be pretty callous.